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Measure Map Beta

Michael over at Addison Road got into the beta for Measure Map. I’m extremely jealous – I really want to try that tool out. I’m so tired of using my current tool (sitemeter) that I refuse to even link to their 90’s era website.

As soon as I read Michael’s review, I rushed over to submit another email address in hopes that they would not spurn me twice!

UPDATE: Since I wrote this Google has decided to give Urchin analytics away for free to all users of AdWords. Talk about throwing a wrench in the system. I’ve set up Urchin on an account at work to test it out, and it’s good. However, I still think there is room for Measure Map. Not everyone uses AdWords, especially bloggers and small site owners. These are the perfect candidates for a product like Measure Map (depending on its pricing structure).


  1. they aren’t even in beta yet – so far it’s just an alpha release. I think there are only a couple dozen sites participating at this point. I’m sure they’ll kick it open to beta soon. It really is a very well constructed tool.

  2. That looks pretty good — am currently using a combination of modlogan and sitemeter but this looks like exactly what I’m looking for — good looking out!

  3. seems like a good tool however it appears google has done one better have with the analytics tool , looks like its bound to change webstat analysis as we know it

  4. Yeah, I actually just started Urchin on one of my sites at work. They definately ruffled some feathers on the web with this free giveaway. That’s a $900 package I believe!

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