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Come to Kenya!

Come To Kenya!

Come to Kenya, we’ve got lions!

Please, waste a moment of your day and watch this great animation. Sure to put Kenya on the tourism map again! (forget Norway) It’s very catchy. Listen to it a minimum of 10 times and you’ll be singing it the rest of the day. 🙂

Come to Kenya and see lions!


  1. LOL that was too funny – I found myself bobbing my head and laughing out loud – and I am at work.

    Will go back and listen again when the ‘coast is clear’
    Thanks dude, that made my morning 🙂

  2. the hurry while stocks last couldnt have come at a better time , with the impending sale to Thailand all the animals might soon be gone .
    great link – found it hard to resist the smile

  3. Check out the “badgers” one from the same site, Hash – it’s a hoot. (Someone sent me this link a few months ago)

  4. LOL!!! waa ngoja i wipe off the tears from my eyes…made my day! at first i thought it had something do to with the whole orange bizness in Kenya… ai too funny.

  5. John, Badgers is crazy too… whoever does these things has a great imagination.

  6. Hilario…LOL

  7. That’s frickin’ hilarious.

  8. This clearly goes to show that Hash is a proud father or at least an experienced man with stronge nerves. I couldn’t otherwise explain or comprehend how he could actually stand this hilarious flash anime for more than 10 seconds 🙂

  9. JKE, glad to see you’re back! Yes, once you have little kids you begin to build up an immunity to repetitive and nerve-grating cartoons. 🙂

  10. That’s frickin’ awesome!!!!

  11. hehe i love this song so much.. i have it stuck in my head.. too bad my schoo blocked the site

  12. OMG you soo nicked this fom Weebls Stuff! O_o

  13. hahahahaha… oh jeeze… that is hilarious… i was just killing myself… omg… awesome tho.. totally awesome… lol HEHEHEHHEHEHEHEHEHHEHEHEHHEHAHAHHAHAHHAHEHHEHEHEHEHEHHAHAHAHAHHAHAHHEHEHEHHEAHHAHEHAEHHAEHHEAH enough laughing already.. jeeze…

  14. rofl search mango on weebls stuff for something like this (its on random toons (all on weebls stuff is like this but mango is the most)

  15. singing was crap, so was the animations. wth was it? however made that was a freak!!!!! i thought i t was awful i wud rather be waching the southpark than that – and that is saying something!!!! 🙁 try again it was bull s***t

  16. check out brazil from weebls’ stuff as well MORE NORWAY HATRED YAY

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