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Favicon: Adding an Icon to Your URL

Here’s a great way to brand your website/blog – use a favicon. You know, all those little images you see on the tabs in Firefox or in the URL area. Mine looks like this:

An easy way to do it, without buying an Icon-building package, is to create your logo and save it as a gif or jpg (square shaped is best). Then go to this website that makes favicons from your images. Download the file they give you and upload it to your image directory.

You’ll enter the following code between your < head > tags, only changing the href to the correct file where you uploaded the .ico file.

That’s it. Enjoy.


  1. That a pretty neat trick…thanks

  2. stolen icon bastard! 😉

  3. Crap! You found out! Now I have to ‘fess up: Yes, I “borrowed” the logo from an icon design by Scott (AKA: Monkeyfoot) at my old workplace. It was just sitting there all lonely and unused and it fit perfectly in my header. 🙂

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