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Kiwi’s Send Dog Food as Aid?

Can this story be real?

The Kenya National Commission on Human Rights condemned the offer as a degrading assault on the dignity of the country’s children.

“What message is created when one decides to feed starving children dog food?” it said. “It dehumanizes and degrades the children who are the intended beneficiaries. It makes no allowance for human dignity which revolts at the idea of eating a foodstuff created and intended for animals.

Link to the Yahoo! News article


  1. wow – unreal. i’ve read about this on a few different blogs today.

  2. Do you remember when the USA sent yellow maize meal to Kenya durig a drought in the late 80s? It was thought to be animal food because it was yellow, not white. Much of it ended up being fed to animals because wainanchi wouldn’t eat it.

  3. I remember the whole Maze thing. Crazy times.

  4. I think the story is a very good example of how people in so called “developed” countries think about Kenya. Poor “developed” people.

    Anyway, I’ll try out dog food next time I’m out for shopping. And I’ll order it as soon as I see an restaurant in New Zealand from inside.

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