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ETech: Rethinking Interaction & Navigation

I was blown away by Jeff Han’s presentation of multi-touch user interfaces today. Amazing stuff really. Using a touch screen you are now able to completely change the way you interact with your computer. Think Tom Cruise in Minority Report.

Multi Touch Images Multi-Touch Maps Multi-Touch Heat

A few things that multi-touch technology will change:

  • Maps – the military implications are enormous
  • Gaming – the face of gaming will change forever – imagine faster interaction than ever before and more interactive than ever before
  • Image organization – so much faster. zoom, organize, sort, you name it.

I’m just scratching the surface here, wait until the engineers get ahold of this!

NOTE: You really need to watch the video to see how powerful this is


  1. WOAH!!! (yes yes, minority report)

    Is it that this system uses some sort of scanner in the background that detects the user interactions – contrary to those ordinary touchpads we are used to on PDAs? I mean, that’s the only way I could explain this enormous speed. Astonishing!

  2. guess I got to be careful what I think I am thinking about

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