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What’s the Value of Your Domain?

WhiteAfrican.com Domain ValueHave you ever wondered what your domain might be worth (if you own it, that is)? If you’re on blogger or myspace, or some other hosted website, I’m sorry but you probably don’t own your domain and are out of luck with this.

Well, I came across LeapFish, which will do a free domain name appraisal for you. It’s based of of a number of values, and seems to come back a little inflated. I did a bunch of the domains that I own, some active, some inactive and they all seemed to come back a little more than I thought they were worth.

The truth is that domain value is really grown. Sure, there is inherent value in a short domain name that is a real word, but the exponential value comes from the content and community of people who link to you and grow your domain.

Here’s a fun exercise for you, enter your organization’s domain name and see it’s value. If you have one with a million links in from Google, you’ll find it’s probably appraised at a couple hundred thousand dollars.


  1. Very cool. Apparently cathy.likeafire.net and whiteafrican.com have the same value (both score and $$)! Neat!

  2. Wow! I came out at $29,822. How can that be accurate if my site is worth more than yours?

  3. Kierke, that’s interesting. Your blog.likeafire.net has a higher value than the base domain: http://www.likeafire.net.

    It’s a fun little exercise isn’t it?

  4. I am off to do my maths on that! By the way, does Rinnie know that people cannot post on her latest post? Have a look for her! =)

  5. Hey Budding, it’s fixed. 🙂

  6. A good husband you are! =)

  7. Hm… interesting that my own http://www.t3rse.com came out at the $13k mark. Now if only coming up with names and charging for them could be as lucrative.

  8. Nice find Hash! My domain gets a value of $15,302 so I tell you what, I will make a deal with you and give it to you for the hugely discounted price of $15,299. Sound like a deal 🙂

  9. Thakadu, with your new Google/Yahoo News mashup I have a feeling the value of your website will skyrocket. $15k is a steal!

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