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Digg Help Needed

I’m trying to see if I can get a Digg story to the front page. It’s a bit of a test to see how hard it is to get something to Digg’s homepage and also to see what happens if you get there (AKA: can my server handle the load?!). The submission is about the new eBay tool that I’ve been working on called List’d Express. If you feel the urge and you have a Digg account, it would be much appreciated. Click below for the link to the story:

List’d Express Digg Submission

[Update: Thanks to those of you who dugg this article. Digg has informed me that because some of the users were behind the same IP (they were all in the same office), that they’ve removed the article from from the “upcoming stories” area because they thought it was being spammed. So, you’ll still see it, but your digg won’t really count any more. Kind of lame, I know… but such is life in Digg’s universe.]


  1. That is a shame… I digged it, and I think it is a valid story to be dugg.

  2. Dugg: I dont do ebay much, got burned once, it left a bad taste in my mouth, i will give this a try!

    Good job Hash, your entrepreneurial drive is an example for me/us. thanks.

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