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Real Estate Companies and Bloggers – Map Mashup

I just pushed the button on a new minisite. It’s a mashup for people within the real estate industry primarily here in the US. Realty AppMap is a very simple mashup of Microsoft’s mapping system and entries submitted by people in the industry. You can sort the companies and bloggers by the tag cloud at the top.

Give it a whirl, and give it a Digg, if you have the chance.

RealtyAppMap.com Screenshot


  1. do you know of any African real estate mashups?

  2. Hi,

    i’d like to hire a landscape designer from Africa to design a beautiful garden on my property. I live on a hilly property in Athens, Ohio. How do I go about sending him or her a topographic picture or another kind of picture of my property to get started?

  3. Renthusias, I’ll look around. I’ve been tracking some African real estate sites, but they aren’t as integrated with mapping as here in the US (yet?).

    Lorraine, I wouldn’t know how to answer that request. However, there are a lot of readers here and maybe one of them knows someone.

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