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Visualizing Economic Activity

The Geographically based economic data project is a study by Yale University that captures economic data by country and maps it. (read more)

Below is a map showing economic activity by country. Click on the map to watch the full flash movie on their website.

World Economic Activity


  1. Wow. How very cool. They even make the economic data they used available …

  2. Yeah, this is a wide open set of data with which to have a lot of fun. 🙂

  3. I don’t know what data they used but I find it hard to believe that western Kenya and Rift Valley produces more economic activity than Mombasa. For crying out loud, Mombasa has an oil refinery, habor, tourist attractions among other large industries.
    Same applies for CA, one of the world’s largest economies.

  4. very interesting data analysis. quit easy &cover all point in one . it shows lots of fun &enjoyment

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