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Finally! A Video Service That Rocks

Ever since AdBrite’s new video service was highlighted on TechCrunch I’ve been chomping at the bit to try it out. It’s an incredibly well done video service. Think of it as YouTube for webmasters and bloggers – except better.

Why I think it rocks:

  • My own branding
  • Anyone can embed it on their site, yet when they click on the video they come to my site
  • I make ad revenue off of it – no matter where it is on the web

It’s built to benefit the creator of the video, not just the company that hosts it. No reason for me to spout off about it forever, watch this video and you’ll see why I’m thrilled.

You can bet that AfriGadget will start showing its videos through AdBrite from now on.


  1. WONDERFUL! I’ve been searching for just this kind of video embed for clothing company site.

  2. Kofi, that would be the perfect use for AdBrite Invideo. Let me know how it goes, I’d like to show people how it’s being used – maybe your clothing company could be the example?

  3. Why are you always hiding all of the good apps for yourself? This is awesome and I will definetely be investing time into this app. Who knows, maybe I can make a little cash on the side with it.

  4. hi hash- does wordpress allow the upload of .flv-files? i tried up-loading but it wouldn´t work. is there any other plugin or video service for wordpress that you would recommend? i wouldn`t want to use youtube for The Nest website…
    thx for any advice 😉

  5. Marlies, I’ve actually started to use Brightcove as my main video serving and sharing resource. Their quality is top notch and the tool is easy to use. Your mileage may vary, but it works well for me.

    By the way, I still have a post about the Nest home that I’ve got to post… Great place!

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