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A Funny Video on the Importance of XHTML

So, I wanted to test out AdBrite’s new video player, and this is it. Below is a video on XHTML and why it’s important in web application development. I’m lucky enough to work with TV’s Tom Selleck, so I find this video extremely funny. Chances are, if you’re in the web design world, you’ll find it fascinating, off-color, and funny as well.

Taken from the “Growing and Learning” series, host Dr. Simon Woodstock Giles, and guest, guide viewers on the importance of standards compliance and web accessibility for the modern user.


  1. Guess I’ll need a mac…. 😀

  2. Thanks again for posting this. We appreciate the support. Hopefully we’ll be doing more of these soon.

  3. This video is awesome. And to think you site 5 feet away from me.

  4. Sit…not site. Why can’t I edit my comment?

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