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Muti’s Great Kudu Race

Muti Kudu Race Competition

As a bit of promotional fun, Muti is having a contest over the next 3 months. Winners will receive 1 kilogram of prime karoo kudu biltong (aka “jerky”) AND an official Muti logo t-shirt.

All you need to do is be the top Kudu Index (k-index) earner on Muti at the end of the month of March, April or May.

The Kudu Index is a measure of the quality of submissions – so this is all about quality over quantity. It won’t be possible for the winner to submit dozens of mediocre sites/news/pictures that each get a single vote.

You can view the progress of the kudu race throughout the month on Muti.

Should the winner not be contactable, as they may not have filled out details in the profile page, then it will be up to them to claim the prize. Any prizes not claimed after a month will be awarded to the next highest k-index that is contactable. If the winner happens to be a vegetarian, they will get a kilogram of prime karoo kudu food instead.

Let the games begin!


  1. interesting! I just noticed that my overall kudu index is just a tad higher than Mike Stopforth! (I have been listening to the amplitude podcast) He is probably a big muti star and all, so i am grinning abit…. that aside, the one who wins will be the oracle that knows the muti soul!

  2. mm… biltong! what a magnificent prize…

  3. Thanks for posting this Hash! I should make it clear that the winner will be the one who has the highest k-index for the month and not the one with the highest overall k-index at the end of the month which could be a different person. But look out for some consolation prizes too!

  4. Nice one, good way to get people submitting quality stuff!

  5. Awesome. i want a muti tee!!!!!!!

  6. Rafiq: Muti t-shirts will be available soon, we have a couple of samples from two different manufacturers coming and will choose one. We may put them on sale to try and cover the very small cost of muti, but there will be many handed out for free too!

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