If you are a musician, artist, photographer, designer, etc… you’ll be very interested in this new website and database. If you’re an African artist, struggling to get the word out about your work, you should sign up and try this new service. There is no better medium to get noticed for less money than the internet, and this is an application that should do just that for you.

theInspirit Talent NetworkThe internet has a way of democratizing information and connectivity. This is the case with a new site, called theInspirit, dedicated to showcasing artistic talent around the globe. The basic intent is to let the true talent bubble to the top, and not let the “industry” control the flow of artistic commerce.

Talent Database

Part of what makes theInspirit a viable place to go and sign up to be a part of the beta is that they are also behind the TalentDatabase. In their own words:

The database serves as a worldwide directory for talent and creativity. Currently the creative class is spread across millions of websites with no discernable structure, nor the ability to search in detail. The TalentDatabase consolidates and categorizes all talent content found on the web into a single location, making it easy for people to find what they are looking for. At this time we are offering you the chance to get the first look at TalentDatabase.com before it is launched publicly.

Now, the inside story here is that I actually know 5 of the people on the team building this new artist network. In fact, I worked with them for a number of years – they’re top notch designers and programmers. I’ve had a chance to sit down and talk with them about the application and will continue to do so – my goal, to make sure there’s a real reason for African artists to take part in their network and become a part of their database.