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The TED Computers Ship

TEDGlobal in Tanzania this year was a real eye-opener. I had never, and likely won’t ever again, see a conference put on at that level. Everything was done top notch, no expense was spared – and everyone went away charged up from the atmosphere that was created. (I wrote about getting spoiled previously)

MacBook Pro - 15 inchWell, once again, TED and their sponsors have pulled through. Google and AMD promised all of us TED Fellows a Mac or PC, and I just received my confirmation receipt from Apple today (also confirmed with TED). My new 15″ MacBook Pro is in the mail, and should be here this weekend. I’m stoked!

Once again, they didn’t stint on the gift. They easily could have given us the smaller, cheaper version – instead we get the top-of-the-line computer that does everything we need.

[update: Tom sent an email stating, “Since you waited so long, we upgraded everyone to MacBook Pros and you’ll get Leopard for free.”]

Thanks Google. Thanks AMD. Thanks TED.

In the spirit of this gift, I too will be gifting my current computer to someone else.


  1. Dude that’s awesome! I was wondering if you received that yet.

  2. great news and a perfect holiday gift. Nice of you to gift yours away, I will probably give away my 1 year old PC once I adjust to going Mac

  3. It is un-African to ask for a gift ( but in the USA-read White, it is OK ), so here goes:

    How about gifting it to a local primary school ( Wambusa Primary School, AKALA ) somewhere in Gem, siaya?

    I am in the process of helping these chaps go digital and this could be a good step!

  4. No email here yet! I wait in hope. Generous of you giving your older machine away. We were having a discussion here the other day with 2 friends wondering how come the 3 of us had never installed a Linux operating system on our laptops. Main conclusion is that our laptops are never OURS exclusively. I can count at least 5 people who regularly use my machine and another 8 who occasionally use it. Installing linux would lock them out unless we took the time to train and familiarise them with the new operating system.

    (Not that I am going to uninstall Leopard and load ubuntu though!)

  5. Mental, I’m guessing that some of the ones going to Africa might take a little longer. I’m not sure who they would ship through – maybe DHL?

  6. It seems like our African brothers and sisters are doing the right thing in hopes to promote technology across the planet. Congratulations to all African website owners and Tech-savvy folks.

    One site that caught my eyes last week was another African Social Community Site (www.plentyAfricans.com). This site is probably one of Africa’s best social site. If I had the tie-breaker vote, I say plentyafricans.com is the number one African social networking and community site. It can be compared to myspace, facebook, hi5, and the alike. In fact, when I visited the site, one ofthe members’ profile page reads “I’m glad to be a part of this African Myspace”…. I’ll keep my eyes open to post new African sites to this blog periodly as I find them… For now, check out plentyafricans.com and post your respond here… Cheers to ALL AFRICANS.

  7. Congrats on the gift but more on the affirmation of what TED is doing. What a great way to say that this important! I hope all the TED people feel the weight of his accomplishment.

  8. Pictures! We want pictures!

  9. I volunteer for a calvary church located in Nigeria. The pastor of the church is wanting to purchase notebooks .. and I cannot locate any notebook providor that will ship via fed ex to Nigeria for Fed ex pickup.
    Does anyone know how to get notebooks delivered to Nigeria via fedex ?

    Tina Schraier

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