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Bush-videostreaming at Barcamp Jozi

We had a great day 1 at Barcamp Jozi yesterday, and then a mad evening rushing around Johannesburg trying to find a good enough uplink connection to run the live streaming panel back to Barcamp Africa. We didn’t exactly succeed in live streaming, but the video will be uploaded shortly.

More importantly, we had an incredibly good time having the adventure, spending the evening having a conversation about mobile phones, the web and technology in Africa – all under the open skies of South Africa.


I can’t actually view the video, but if I could it would be at this link: Barcamp Jozi panel


  1. For some reason the video will not play for me. It never starts, just a black screen. So it’s not just you.

  2. @Taylor – good to know. Someone is uploading the video today, so when I get the proper link I’ll put it in the post.

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