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WhiteAfrican and Kiwanja at PopTech 2008

Having a tourist picture moment with Ken Banks of Kiwanja in Camden, Maine right before the Pop!Tech conference begins next week. We’re both Pop!Tech Fellows this year, which is turning out to be way more fun than we ever imagined.

(Note Ken Banks goofing off as usual…)

This reflection is in the door to the Camden Opera House, where the event will take place next week.


Here I am hanging out with Andrew Zolli, the curator of Pop!Tech, at the Zoot coffee shop. We spent way to much time talking camera lenses and then running around the area taking pictures. Fun times!


  1. Hi Hash, I’m a fan of your blog and use the Ushahidi example every time I’m talking to people about web 2.0’s role in international development. I came across this — http://other90.cooperhewitt.org/ — and thought it might interest you. Some technology, but mostly design. The exhibit’s in my city right now so I’m going to check it out!


  2. Hi Kate – I’m a big fan of that book too. I bought it a while ago and keep meaning to write a review of it.

  3. When did you start sporting the Aussie hat?

  4. @Taylor – I picked that up in South Africa this last week. I think the last little marketing bit about it being a hand stitched product, with the name “rogue” is what put me over the edge on it… 🙂

  5. Ken is the funnest dude. Did you get his button?

  6. i always look at your blog b4 heading to my.co.ke

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