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Where Africa and Technology Collide!

iPhone and Computer Game Development in Africa

I’ve got a new theory: one of the best tests of a tech community’s creativity is how many people are coming up with non-business related applications and games. It makes sense that the two games below come from Kenya and Ghana, two of the biggest “tech hubs” in Africa.

Another 3d Shooter from Nairobi

I think it’s a good sign that I just heard about a new 3D FPS shooter game called Mzalendo (not to be confused with the “eye on Kenyan Parliament website also called Mzalendo that Ory and M put together…). It is being created by Morgan of TriLethal Labs in Nairobi, and they have just released the Beta version of the tech demo outlining the capabilities of the New Siege3D graphics core.

Mzalendo - FPS 3d shooter game

Mzalendo Game - using the New Siege3D graphics core

Africa’s 1st iPhone Game?

I’ve profiled Wesley before, and he’s now partnered up with another game developer in Ghana named Eyram. Their newest claim is that they’re about to release (early April) the first iPhone game from Africa, called “BugzVilla” (I’m not sure if it is the first game, let me know if it is/isn’t).

It’s a game in which you crush bugs by tapping the screen and earn points as you level. Shake the screen to release more bugs, and watch out for the red ants! Here’s a short video on their new game:

I’ll try both of these new games out as soon as I can get my hands on them. Eyram assures me that their new game will be on the iTunes App Store in April, so you can bet I’ll buy it and play it.


  1. ive got the demo 4 mzalendo……..awesome!!!!!

  2. Enjoyed this bit. This is especially interesting since John Carmack released Source Code of Wolfenstein 3D for the iPhone. You can read all about it here http://www.techtree.com/India/News/Carmack_Releases_Wolfenstein_Port_for_iPhone/551-100444-585.html

    Also of interest is this article by Denis Dyack of Silicon Knights on how cloud computing will impact games http://venturebeat.com/2009/03/23/guest-editorial-denis-dyack-of-silicon-knights-muses-about-cloud-computings-impact-on-games/

  3. Interesting story. Wesley and Eyram are independent iPhone developers who teamed up for a specific project. Is there a growing community of iPhone developers in Africa?

  4. Well Eyram and Wesley were independent developers who teamed to make games. And the iphone is their first. Have seen the development and it will rock. Artwork is beautiful I think.

  5. Great to see another Kenyan doing something great with gaming.

    Since the release of Pamoja Mtaani, the Warner Bros. published, Virtual Heroes it’s been taken well, and has developed a following among youth. I’m really proud to be associated with a project on this kind of scale.
    More on

    Erik, if you have his contact, would love to get in touch with him. We’ve also been making some headway as far as Kenyan Animation is concerned, getting an association – The Association of Animation Artistes (Kenya) and Kenyan Animation – A showcase and annual event that takes a look at latest tech and trends in animation
    Check out:


    As for Eyram and Wesley, that’s amazing stuff, we really need to try and get the African aesthetic out there, and interpret it in gaming, mobile apps and content. Fantastic effort.

  6. Wow!!! Thankx guys for the encouragement,i was developing Mzalendo-Declassified as a Tech Demo.Never guessed anyone would take an intrest in it.Actually i made Mzalendo to showcase the capabilities of Siege3D as a realtime 3D engine.It`s not a game core,but a tweak here….a …. there and….voilla!
    I might upload it if anyone requests for the Tech Demo……

    Eyram and Wesley great job……i luved your first game(@Wesley)

    Feel free to check out our site http://www.patnoxsystems.com

    morgan@waweru.net …..u can say hi

    Thanx guys…..

  7. Wow where can i download Mzalendo?

  8. How can i get in touch with Eyram? and download the app?

  9. Sorry for the silence,my site had a technical problem,got the emails now.Was updating the game core…..will upload a few days from now.Cheers!

  10. Its DONE!!!!!!!! Siege3D DirectX10……its been a while……but its done……XBOX 360 anyone?

  11. morgan – your site is down.contact me ASAP

  12. Have you seen the MIG shuffle? A Ghanaian app in the appstore

  13. I’ve seen the MIG Shuffle on the appstore..Is there a post about the developers?
    Good work with BugzVilla guys..GOD bless our homeland Ghana

  14. Looks nice! You used FPS Creator M16 there? Looks very much the same. Looks cool 🙂

  15. I’m not sure if there’s necessarily a correlation between a community’s creativity and the number of non-business apps in the space. This implies that business apps don’t involve creativity! And certainly they do – what about all of the creative people working for game development companies? Not everyone can afford to just make creative games in their free time.

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