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Nathan Wolfe on Virus’ and Bush Meat in Africa

Nathan Wolfe gave one of my favorite talks at TED 2009. It’s about finding, tracking and replacing activity that allows animal-bound viruses to jump to humans – generally through the practice of bush meat hunting. Viruses like ebola, HIV, bird flu and yellow fever.


  1. Thanks for sharing Erik. I have reposted the video on the Colobus Trust blog as we are involved on a very simple level in dealing with bushmeat and I am personally very interested in looking at the bigger picture especially recently with respect to the drought and famine in Kenya inevitably is already leading to an increase in consumption of bushmeat.

  2. Its avery good to educate every one about this dageras AIDS diseas cos it killed my bedt freid.
    The clip is very good and thank you in advance.

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