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The Google Global Cache hits Kenya

In January I wrote about the way the Google Global Cache is affecting Uganda – how local web caching is completely changing the internet user experience for that country. We’ve known for a couple weeks that this was underway in Kenya too. Well, here are some numbers on that.

Here’s the aggregate month:

We’re seeing the overall traffic increase 300% from around 100Mbs to around 400Mbs. Those are some pretty impressive numbers, no matter how you look at them. Why is KIXP/TESPOK not making some noise about this significant achievement?

How does it look across the ISPs that are using it?

KDN hosts the cache:


Internet Solutions:

Africa Online:


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  2. Thanks for the update, Erik! This seems like such great news, why isn’t everyone shouting about it? It’s certainly well-timed for Appropedia.org, which has been working for the last few weeks to launch our Kiswahili Initiative! (Please visit, share the news.) Our great Tanzania-based Kiswahili coordinator, Christopher Sam (User:Kili at Appropedia) will be a bit jealous til Google makes a move there.

  3. well fiber is one issue. The one ball that squarely drpoepd and will haunt them for a while is the fact that there is no SSID safaricom’ anywhere. A wifi solution in any form properly designed would help them lower backhaul costs drastically. I think GPON is also a nice cheap way to do some 3G data offload, which should drive the costs down leading to either more profit or cheaper service or both. They also need to be a little bit more involved in critical infrastructure discussions. AFRINIC is electing board members and I discovered their records are not updated (run a whois on their address space). They however due to acquisitions actually have about 4 if not more votes. all wasted. Waluengo (the only kenyan on the board) could have used them. Meantime they send all manner of executives’ to cloud’ meetings. Two engineers here would really help them keep abreast of SP best practices and do something for the African community. initiatives like dotAfrica, IPv6 status updates etc are just balls bouncing around.IPv6 and exchange points could use more involvement from an SP as large as Safaricom even if its just showing up and offering support for local initiatives like EANOG. What will waste their efforts is cluelessness and ignorance at people expected to make decisions level. they definately have the best engineers around. Well some have left:-)@3rdworldnet

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