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Africa’s Cowboy Capitalists

I’ve been following Ian Cox via Twitter for some time now. I had no idea there was a video done by Vice about his hustling up in South Sudan and then following him on a treck where he takes 11 vehicles from South Africa to South Sudan (5,000km) in 30 days. You can find Ian’s vehicle business at Lorry Boys

It comes in 3 parts (links to 1, 2 and 3):

Part 1/3

Part 2/3

Part 3/3

It’s a great story, well documented, which I highly suggest watching.


  1. I was pleasantly surprised by this, especially after previous VICE efforts (http://www.ethanzuckerman.com/blog/2012/11/09/hey-vice-your-documentary-is-bad-and-you-should-feel-bad/). Great story of Ian and his band of cowboy entrepreneurs and a better picture of African travel than I have seen in a while. Could have done without the TIA comments though. Blood Diamond has a lot to answer for that little remark.

  2. Excellent to know about africa cowboy capitalist!

    thanks for sharing

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