Made in Kenya, the BRCK 2015 expedition to Samburu, Kenya

Northern Kenya has always felt like it’s a different country, most Kenyans don’t seem to get north of Isiolo and it really is a forgotten place. This was made clear two years ago when we were on our Turkana Eclipse expedition and a man told us, “when you get to Kenya, tell them…

This week finds us up in Northern Kenya again with our education solution from BRCK, called the Kio Kit (video). We figured that if we were going to get some real value out of seeing how people use it, let’s go to somewhere far away that has a great deal of challenges, but also never gets anything tested there. Our “Made in Kenya” expedition takes us up to Samburu and Marsabit counties.

I’m no Jon Shuler, but I put together some of the images and short videos from our trip thus far since we had some dead-time yesterday evening.

BRCK: Made in Kenya Expedition 2015 from BRCK on Vimeo.

You can find stories from our trip on the BRCK blog below:

Day 1 – Samburu women and digital education
Day 2 – Digital Literacy on Kenya’s Frontier
Day 3 – Some things are different, but mostly we’re the same
Day 4 – Designing at the edge of the grid

Find more on Twitter @BRCKnet or find some of our images on Instagram @BRCKnet, you can also find more on my feed @White_African

Some shots from the trip thus far:

Taking a break on the road

Using the Kio Kit in a Samburu classroom

Using the Kio Kit in a Samburu classroom

Janet helping some Samburu women use the Kio

Janet helping some Samburu women use the Kio

Philip fording a sand river in Marsabit county