Where Africa and Technology Collide!

Africa and Technology Don’t Collide Any More Than This

CybertrackerA South African has created a way to track animals using a handheld GPS-type unit. CyberTracker is the answer, a free software application that can be loaded onto many different types of mobile units. It’s even been used to track guerillas, and to see what ebola does to that particular population.

CyberTracker’s unique design allows users to display icons, text or both, which makes data collection faster. It also allows field data collection by non-literate users and school children.

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  1. Hello there, just googling away and came across ur site. do u have an ‘about me’ link? was just wondering as ur blog seems pretty interesting.
    thanks alot
    neda (melbourne, Australia)

  2. Neda, I don’t actually, but I’ve been thinking of putting one up for about a year now…. 🙂 I have no excuse – I’ve procrastinated on it past any reasonable time frame and should be flogged accordingly.

  3. yes a flogging i think is in order. well i will check back next yr to see if u get around to it by then!

  4. I’ve been a reader for a while, and just started a blog a few weeks ago. Thought you might be interested specifically in this article:

    Will Africa Benefit from the Rise of Personal Media?


  5. Josh, I’m really digging your blog so far. That article about new media is a really interesting read and very well written. Welcome to the African blogosphere, it looks like you’ll fit right in.

  6. Eerik,

    Yeah – a public flogging is called for!

    But before we do that I just want to say that the pic of the Kalahari busman using GPS to find his cache of ostrich eggs filled with water is so tragic!!! LOL.

    I hosed myself when I saw it.

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