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I first read about YesNoMayb.com on Springwise (which is a GREAT site by the way) late last week. Since then it’s popped up in all kinds of places like TechCrunch and Digg. The basic idea is that you submit your picture, others submit theres and there is some type of matching algorithm that shows you possible matches. You select “yes”, “no” or “maybe”. If the other person selects “yes” as well, then you’ll be connected. Very simple.

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yesnomayb.com is available in a number of countries, but surprisingly no African countries outside of South Africa. I guess that with their tiered payment service of free and premium ($18), they decided to go after the markets with more money first.

That’s good news for all of the web entrepreneurs in the other African countries, here’s your chance to take an idea and set it up in your country before the competition arrives. In fact, if you’re really smart you’ll tie it into some type of mobile service that allows people to see pictures and vote on them from their mobile phone once they’ve signed up.

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  1. HI – thanks for featuring our site. Its so good to see our project finally take off – its been hard work – lots of faith and believing in our intuition that daters are brave – and want sites that are like real life….! Not to go through complex matching processes…

    Feel free to contact me – but really just to say thanks for taking the time to put the word out

    Amanda Tsinonis
    Co – Founder – yesnomayB.com

  2. Sounds fun, but basing a relationship on what a person looks like is maybe not the best foundation for a lasting partnership.

  3. Well we know that South Africa is the leader in the online business… I don’t think that this stuff will established in the whole africa as well.

  4. Yeah saw the ad somewhere on the web today followed the link ran thru it quick then closed it when I realised it was a dating site. Thanks for giving a explanation, seems like a real good idea. Not that I’ll ever use an online dating service of course.

  5. Wezzo, now we all know that a Chumpstyle author would have no need of a website such as this – after all you have women practically throwing themselves at you. 🙂

    However, you might think of the lesser mortals in and around SA who could use this service.

  6. Haha, yeah we would be so lucky.

  7. Do check out our site and pass it on to your sisters. We need more white Africans to join our team. What say you? Help out your black sisters by passing our address to your white sisters?

    Take a look too and give us feedback.
    Thanks, kisses and all that

  8. beware oif this woman tambu kahari she is a psycho gone mad, after failing to be a journalist in her home country of Zimbabwe she ihas gone on to write poison letter about journalists that she doesn’t like with useless, malicious and baseless accusations of people having aids, sleeping for their jobs and all sorts of sick things, her magazine is likely to face a lot defamation suits because of this, if you don’t believe go thezimbabwetimes.com or zimdaily.com or simply google her, this is just a warning to those of you might want to work with her, the whole media fraternity and the general zimbabwean populace is appalled at her behaviour.

  9. You should be careful Thelma Chitsiga. She may suit you.

    If they were lies, why didn’t they suit her? Zimbabweans are a pretentious people. They have a lot of dirty things going on in their country. Just because some woman is brave enough to stand up for her rights, you now want to put a blemish on her name. For your own information, she is a published author! I read her book, Broken Pillars and it was very good. It touched on a sensitive subject. Tambu Kahari is a brave woman! She has taken on the whole country and she is fighting for equal rights for all women!

    Zimbabwean men should stop asking for sex from women before they give them jobs. After that, Tambu Kahari won’t have anything to write about.

    The behaviour must stop. Zimbabwean men are disgusting. The way they treat their women is disgusting. Tambu Kahari is only showing the world the goings on of that country. You should applaud her

  10. I beg to differ with Susan James. Firstly, I would like to know what nationality you are in order to put your comments into context. Secondly, being a Zimbabwean woman I take exception to the fact that you have made a blanket comment about our precious men. Just as one can never say all British men are disgusting, and the way they treat their women is disgusting, you surely cannot say the same for our men. Yes, some Zimbabwean men do not treat their women as they should, but then again some British, French, Egyptian, whatever nationality you can think of, do not treat their women as they should. That is a human problem and it is not limited to Zimbabweans. Please show a little respect.

  11. I am Zimbabwean. That is how I know that Zim men do freaky things to women. I personally, have gone thru the stuff Tambu Kahari talked about. When one is a Coloured, it is even worse. I believe Tambu is very brave. She put her reputation on the line to talk for the voiceless. I would never have done it. I don’t believe Thelma is a woman anyway. I think he’s one of those guys who are defending themselves and putting crap over the internet.

  12. Whether Thelma is a man or a woman is irrelevant to the issue here. Which is calling ALL Zimbabwean men disgusting. I take it you have no father, brothers, relatives, male friends who are Zimbabwean otherwise you would be more selective in your use of language.

  13. ek soek n spyker

  14. Hi, I’m looking for url’s of dating white african women.
    Can you help me out?
    Thankx, Charley.

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