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Huckabuck Sells

Well, my friend Chris has sold Huckabuck.com finally. This is the meta search engine that I wrote about a few weeks back that was up for sale on eBay. It’s really a great story about the ideas, marketing and business model (or lack thereof) that go into creating a successful web application. You can read about it on Vitamin.

Kudos to Chris for his full disclosure of all the dirty details. 🙂

SightMightyBy the way, Chris is also a White African who grew up in Nigeria and Kenya. We actually went to the same school as little tots at Rosslyn Academy, though he was a year ahead of me and I didn’t know him at the time. He’s a smart guy who is bound for even more success – keep an eye on him. His newest venture is SightMighty – an affiliate website builder.


  1. Obviously i checked my name first in the search engine. It is pretty cool.

  2. Hash – Great post, thanks for the shout out! We were really pleased to have the sale go through in the end. And we’re hard at work on SiteMighty. If you’re interested, we’re starting our closed beta in the next few weeks. Keep in touch man.


  3. I’m interested in joining the Beta

  4. cant get the link to work

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