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An African Tech List on Twitter

A lot of people are on Twitter these days. So many, it seems that you can be overwhelmed by the number of people and it’s hard to find the right people to follow. To help with that, I’ve created a my own Twitter list that follows African Tech twitterers.

My plan is to keep this list pared down to only those who put out a good number of tweets regarding technology in Africa. I’ll be the biased curator, and hopefully it’ll be useful to others. This means that people will get dropped, and others added, from time-to-time. Don’t be offended if you’re not on it, it’s not personal, it’s just that I have to keep it small to be useful to others. Ping me if you think I should add someone.

You can get my curated African Tech Twitter list at http://twitter.com/whiteafrican/african-tech.

Here’s a widget with the list in it. You can get your own here, just enter “whiteafrican” and choose the “African Tech” list.

Other great Twitter lists:

Afritwit’s list of African twitterers (maxed out)
Alisdair’s development list
Sciculturalist’s Techies list
A list of Twitter employees
Tim O’Reilly’s Tech News list

Lastly, Listourious has a huge index of Twitter lists for you to peruse.

(You can always find me on Twitter at @WhiteAfrican)


  1. I also created a highly select, curated Twitter list, just for those who write quality Tweets on ICT4D in Africa.

    List: http://twitter.com/ICT_Works/ict4d-africa-twitters
    About the list: http://www.ictworks.org/news/2009/10/30/introducing-ict4d-africa-twitters-list-followfriday

  2. I’ve always had an African-Tech list on my TweetDeck this is such a good idea to be able to make one’s Tweet lists public. Thanks.

  3. Dont forget Mariéme Jamme of Spot one:http://twitter.com/Mjamme

  4. Thx, Erik! 100% d’accord with keeping it down to a few selected Tweets. Afritwit’s Twitterlist is btw also available via http://www.afritwit.com now and I’ve also tried to remove a few – inactive – Afritweeps to make room for others who are more active.

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