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Ninja Text Generator

Here’s your fun and useless link of the day. Someone pointed me in the direction of where you they have a bunch of text generators. I gave the Ninja Text Generator a whirl:


Have fun, and I’m sorry if I completely wasted your time. You can never get those 30 seconds back. :)

School Pride in Kenya: Rugby

It’s been rather interesting to note that the article I wrote about Kenyan schools rugby has had the most comments out of any post that I’ve ever written (over 50 to date).

Kenya Rugby Jersey PatchKenyans are nothing if not passionate. This especially comes out when you get guys talking about their glory days in secondary school. What’s been great to see is the fun ribbing and outrageous claims, while everyone still is respectful of eachother. It makes me think of all the guys meeting up at Carnivore or something after Blackrock. Everyone was enemies on the field, but had a good time together afterwards.

The Kenyan rugby scene is a particularly good one to discuss because there has been so much change over time. The Nairobi powerhouses of the past decades have given way to some upcountry teams, only to come roaring back again from time-to-time.

Here’s hoping that the spread of Rugby all over the country will result in an even better showing on the international stage at some point. (I mean in full 15 a-side rugby, Kenya has proven itself as a GREAT 7′s side time and again)

[Note: for comments on why your school is/was best in rugby please go here]

Leading e-Business Scores Worldwide

Here’s an interesting one that I found under the heading, “Goodbye Global Digital Divide?” in the eMarketer Daily. I quote:

When it came to Internet connectivity the world used to be clearly separated into the “haves” and the “have-nots,” but, according to a new study, that may no longer be the case.

Digital Divide?

I guess Singapore and Germany are developing nations, because we can clearly see how they have closed the gap to be on par with other leading tech countries. < / end sarcasm>

Can they be serious, or are they just that ignorant? I don’t see a single developing country on this list. What doesthis chart/study have to do with the digital divide at all when comparing those countries?

Schools Rugby in Kenya

Kenya Schools RugbyI’m going to do it. I’m going to open the floodgates of wrath and hot blood that this topic of schools rugby in Kenya generates. You know who you are, and I’m telling you to put your best foot forward now and tell me why your school is the “best” rugby school in the country.

There are a couple schools that have to be mentioned right off the bat. St. Marys, Lenana (Duke of York), Rift Valley Academy, and Nairobi School (Prince of Wales) are the big name schools that have a long history of the sport in Kenya. However, there have been some strong “newcomers” over the years that deserve mention, namely some janjaweeed-type maniacs from Njoro High school in the early 90′s (yani, those guys had NO fear, as Saints and Lenana found out at Blackrock 1992). How about Hillcrest or Mangu?

Now, because I’m a Rift guy, I nominate Rift Valley Academy, my alma mater. RVA had a record 10 straight Prescott Cup championships from 1980 and 1990. In the following 4 years we finished as champion one more time and lost in the championship game on the other 3 – so we were in the running. I don’t even know what happened prior to 1980, so someone help me out here. Even just listing the 80′s and 90′s, that’s remarkable. You know if you played rugby in Kenya during that time that you feared the Buffalo.

RVA rugby started in 1963. Our first match was at Kijabe Primary School’s pitch against St. Mary’s. We won 24-13. So, though RVA was not the first school to have Rugby in Kenya, it has a great history and pedigree within the very top ranks of Kenyan schools.

Quite obviously, I’m prejudiced. But, because I’m fair I will give you a chance to voice your reasons for inclusion. So, name your school, it’s pedigree, and the reasons it should be listed in the Kenya Schools Rugby “hall of fame”.

White African Sales Reach New Heights!

I’m here to tell you that there is BIG money to be made in online sales. I’ve just increased my sales volume by 100% over the last 8 months… combined! It’s amazing how a little perseverance and just a smidgen of good luck can change your fortunes. It seems like only yesterday that I was just a poor pauper with nothing to really look forward to in life. However, today that all changed and my life will never be the same!

Yes, I sold my first t-shirt to someone other than myself. I proudly proclaim that someone bought:

White African's Rolling in the Cash!!!Land Rover – White African Bush Vehicles

I would also like to point out that I thought of this brilliant marketing line all by myself. This, of course, is why I get paid the big bucks to do marketing consultation work.

So, what do I plan to do with the millions that are sure to follow? I’m debating whether or not to fly the whole family to the Seychelles, or buy a private island off the coast of Yemen. With so many options it really does make it hard to decide.

Web 2.0

Web 2.0 is all the buzz these days. It’s something I’ve been very interested in before it was even dubbed “Web 2.0” by O’Reilly as a marketing term for their conference.

Mike over at Addison Rd still has the best write-up on what Web 2.0 is. I shamelessly use his paragraph when trying to explain the concept to clients. It’s that good:

Web 2.0 is exploding. It’s a new way of thinking about design, user experience, identity, social connection, and integration that all gets bundled up together in one handy phrase, “Web 2.0”.
(Read the rest)

Anyway, someone’s put together a really neat visual smashup of all the logos of these companies. Call it Logo 2.0.

Logo 2.0

Even better, you can edit Web 2.0 with another Web 2.0 application. Perfect!

African Flags Decyphered

In an effort to truly upset the Somalians and Angolans who frequent this website I’ve decided to highlight a rather humerous, shake-your-head kind of funny, poke at their national flags. I’ve never heard of them, but “Grande Reportagem is a Portuguese news magazine that is recognised for its investigative reports and excellent photo-journalism.” In this case they decided to take a poke at social or political issues in certain countries and see how they are represented on that countries national flag.

You have to click on the flag and read the insert to enjoy this one.

Somali Flag Angola Flag

Link to the other 3 flags.

Lady Raptastic: The Breakup Song

Lady RaptasticWhere to start on such a topic? Lady Raptastic is to breakup songs what Milli Vanilli is to lip syncing. Don’t believe me, or don’t get what the heck I’m talking about? Please, visit Da Breakup Song website and test the song player out. It’s just freaking funny, and very well put together. I just sent my brother-in-law one, saying that he was “cheap” and “talked to much”.

Oh, if you can bear to read the stuff, she seems to have a blog and podcast as well.