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Wild African Animals as Pets

It seems that our West African friends have taken to employing Baboons and Hyenas for protection and entertainment. I have had the luxury to travel over many parts of East and North Africa, but have never seen anything like this in my life!

Hyena Handler
Fisi / Hyena Handler

Pet Baboon
Nyani / Baboon Handler

I know that there has been a history of training and trying to domesticate wild animals in Africa, especially by us mzungu (white Africans). Here are some more images for your viewing pleasure (click for a larger image).

Doctor on a ZebraOstrich Racing

Lion Pet Lion Cub Pet

Pet Elephant Tame Rhino

Tame Cheetah Tame Hippo


  1. i don’t think that keeping wild animals as pets is a good idea.they need to be in their own habitat. i personaly love animals so please keep them in their own habiatats and let them be with their species in the wild.

    ps. if you read this and decide to put him/her back in the wild think of putting them in a wildlife sanctuary.

  2. They are pictures of handlers and the animals. They aren’t the publisher’s pets.

  3. the elephete looks very inpressive.but the hippo is my faorite . nice picture. please take sum more thank you .

  4. this is the most amazing pics of pets i ever seen of my whole life

    the with the hyena pet OMG hyenas are pretty Wild and untrusted animals … but the strong wild life in Africa made the people train it as pet !!!

    The Stylish monkey is pretty cute … lol, when you look and penetrate deeply into the pic you’ll find wonderful mean of friendship between the two species !!! its nice meaning and amazing picture …..

  5. Why do people think that wild animals make good pets. I mean, yeah they’re cute and cuddly but they can turn on you in a second if something scares them or theatens them.

    People who make wild animals as pets are blind. They can’t see that a wild animal needs to be in their own habitat, with their own kind, able to have fun, run around. Be Free

  6. where do you get these pics. Are you trying to ENCOURAGE keeping wild animals as pets!? If not, put some more pics of what happens when these pets go bad you know…..what happens when u get too cl0se to some pets! If you are trying to encourage it well…..your doing a good job at it!

  7. you guys are crazy but maybe you guys have nothing better to do. I understand for protection some might use them but just taking them out for your own entertainment doesnt make any sense. think about it guys

  8. uh having a wild animal is alot of work more work than owning 3 dogs, 2 cats, and 1 Parrot. these animals will attack u, some times for no reason

    “Human Beings believe that they are surperior to animals thus, think that they have complete control over their actions—-and well GUESS WAT…..YOU DONT! IF U PEOPLE REALY LOVE WILD ANIMALS U WUD LET THEM FREE NOT KEEP THEM AS PETS!


  9. UMMMMM……”KEVIN DAVIS” yeah “the elephete looks very inpressive.but the hippo is my faorite . nice picture. please take sum more thank you”


    Do u like seeing wild animals as pets?! I mean really come.

  10. Cheetahs have been domesticated for hundreds of years and used as hunting “dogs” in northern afrika and they take to it well and live longer.
    They are often kept in the owners house like a domestic dogs in most western countries. Their domestication should be widespread as it might be the only thing that saves them from extinction!!

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