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Though I like to put my own content and thoughts out on this blog, sometimes I just have to hand the baton to a better writing contemporary. Paul Graham writes some great essays about technology and business, and my friend David Seruyange is one of those gifted bloggers.

Seruyange, a Ugandan guy I grew up with in Kenya playing soccer and basketball against, does a far better job of expressing himself about the essay than I ever could. At this point, I will humbly bow myself off of the stage and point you towards David’s blog article.

Here’s an exerpt from Paul’s Essay:

Business still reflects an older model, exemplified by the French word for working: travailler. It has an English cousin, travail, and what it means is torture.

Here’s an exerpt from David Seruyange’s blog:

If there was a draft for my future start up, I’d take a clever programmer from Microsoft over some of the really smart amateurs I know because they’d be better at getting the job done. I’d take the fratboy, even though I wouldn’t want to talk to him too much, over the geek to do the sales work. And I’d take the most down to earth, practical, literal person to do the operations work over the most gifted hacker/artists I knew. I’d want a lot of talent, but not the 2004 US Men’s Olympic basketball team.

There’s nothing like reading an original thinker’s essay, then having them debated by another great thinker and writer.


  1. a interesting debate there ,been reading paul graham for a while now and I agree with you he is one of the greatest writers on technology and business

  2. Maitha, I concur. Paul Graham is an original thinker who can write compelling essays. It’s rare to come across such a combination.

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