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Mambo – The Death of a Great CMS?

I’ve looked around at a number of open-source CMS’s, and Mambo stood out as one of the best on the market. I’ve used it for 3 different websites now, and have found it easy to use, logical, and best of all – it has had a great group of developers who update it frequently. They’ve won Best of Show for a couple of different shows, once even beating out FireFox (which really says something).

The Death of Open Source Mambo CMS

I’m a little upset because of recent politics and power plays that have been going on between the original company who created it; Miro, and the Mambo Development Team – a group of individuals who donate their time to continue development of this application. Read about the political situation here.

The reason I’m upset is because it looks like the application that has grown and been embraced worldwide is going to disappear as a viable free CMS option. If you care at all about this type of stuff, you can read more about what the Mambo Development Team has to say at the website OpenSourceMatters.org.

So, David thanks for pointing this out to me… and a special thanks it is because now I’m pissed off and want to kick Miro CEO Peter Lamont in the head! Money grubbing bastard.


  1. I was thinking about mambo as the backbone for the new kenyaunlimited site. Looks like i might have left it a lil too late now. Was it simple to use? i never got around to mess around with it.

  2. Mental Acrobatics, you can actually still download and use the latest release. I really like the system, it’s definately the best open source CMS available – with a lot of backups, add ons and community support.

    Take a look at some of the sites people have made with it. My example can be found at my schools alumni website: http://www.riftvalleyacademy.com. I apologize for the design, but I haven’t had the time to make it look better. I’ve seen other Mambo sites that look amazing.


  3. thanks!
    (You are an RVA man. and here i was thinking you went to a good school :-)! )

  4. heh!!

    Should I even ask where you went MentalAcrobatics?

  5. Top quality education here thank you very much!

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