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Shark attacks helicopter

You got it right – it’s fake, but whoever did the photoshop job on it really deserves some praise. Here’s the link to the full story: Fake Shark Attack.


  1. Fake,
    I’ve seen this somewhere before.

  2. i think this is fake it looks plastic

  3. looks cool

  4. 100% shore its 50% fake

  5. well nothing is fake in this pic
    the shark is real
    the helicopter is real
    but it is 2 pics edited into one

  6. This is way real as i took this photo from a boat nearby. My crew were videoing the helicopter when suddenly this creature just shot out of the water. Incredible Huh!

  7. i knew this pic was fake cuz the the man who is driving the helicopter would have been flying up in the air so the other guy on the ladder wouldn’t die……anyways the helicopter is real so is the shark but some one did a very good job of making the pic look real!!!

  8. the picture is real how can u say its fake??!! r u people dumb??!!

  9. this pic is both real and fake
    the skark is real the helicopter is real but there are 2 pics put in to one!

  10. U gatta be some kinda idiot to not see this is fake!

  11. Sharks real, helacopters real, but they put 2 pics in 1. it is sooooooo fake! if it were real the shark would of killed him by now!

  12. i think that it looks bad ass and i love sharks this pic makes you want to see it up close lol

  13. it could be real who knows .please goto this site http://x-wing-club.wetpaint.com/

  14. real….. yea right it looks so plastic i did not fall for that one bit

  15. its fake whoever did this is not right they try to say sharks ae mean but they’re nice i’ve been diving and cage diving and they’re cool.

  16. Achupa De Haffman

    October 24, 2006 at 6:10 pm

    Ummm look at the helicopter and the backround dosnt fit in and thats not how sharks come out of the water… And it says “Shark Attacks Helicoper” ummnot sure that the shark would woin…who ever put this together must have thought that we were blind what a “DE DE DE”!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. Well i wait at the beach and wait until someone gets attack and video tape it and lagh like craZy…and ive been attacked by a shark before kikced his butt!!!! i puched him in the nose. Sharks arnt attracked to big flying noisey thingys and who made this video like Achupa De Haffen said what a “DE DE DE”!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. LOL Its really fake………..besides the point why would a shark attack a helicopter??

  19. It’s a very cool picture. Both the helicopter and the shark are real, someone just edited them both into one. They did an awesome job though.

  20. Its pretty cool but totally FAKE!!! my little brother thought it was real.

  21. I think this pic is freakin awesome!!! (eeeeeeeveen though it’s fake =[ ) I’m scared of sharks even though they’re my fav animal.

  22. wow this pic is mad, thats sumin u dont see every day. To me it looks real and that bloke must need to change his pants lol

  23. juke from finland

    November 16, 2006 at 8:40 am

    this big is real… and i`m eating it…hoono soomi.. ๐Ÿ™‚

  24. If you have seen the website it is actully a real picture i’m am one of the people that help recive that picture from the training camp

  25. opps wrong forum. That shark picture is definatly fake

  26. Totally real guys. I was the person on the ladder.

    This photo was taken in Gwarm while we were getting different types of debris for an investigation. I assure you that this is 100% authentic, not tampered with at all. Most terrifying moment of my life.

    I was in the water picking up evidence when I spotted it. I radioed the pilot immeadietly to come and pick me up.
    The shark only just missed my feet, taking the bnottom of the ladder with him and pulling the helicopter down slightly with it’s incredible weight.

  27. ha ha. where the hell is gwarm? somewhere close to sowth wafwicwa..?

  28. good try i like shark and the great white is my favourit but i think that it is un respectable for that great creature to make a joke of him like that anyway …….. respect to this great white

  29. This is sooooooo real ; and i’m an alien from outerspace ………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………. la der it’s fake!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

  30. how can this be in south africa?? its in san fransico cause the golden bridge is in the backgroud and der is no way a great white can survive in dat water!! the pic is a fake but its a hel of a gd 1!!

  31. I think that the picis fake if it was realthen the guy jumpi

  32. i think the pic is fake. i`m pretty sure u guys put 2 different pics together.

  33. hey me again ummm… my cuzin wrote that other comment so ya… this is MY comment…..this picture is real and fake…its realy cuz the helicpoter & the shark r real….they picture is fake cuz its 2 pictures in 1…so……u can tell its fake but when i first saw this picture i actually thought it was real… but whoever made that picture is really good!!!!

    luv ya

  34. real**

  35. SHARKS RULE!!!!!!!!!!!! YA!!!!!!!!! :p

  36. its real coz u can see the guy get scared and start climbing the ladder. and whoever said why would a shark attack a helicopter the answere is it wouldveseen the shadow and gone up to attack it thinking its food.

  37. Well I think we all know now that it is a fake ‘happening’, but hell it sure got my attention and anyone elses that has seen it for that matter. A job very well done and clever thinking to the arteest behind it. Good-o!

  38. longbetweenthelegs

    January 25, 2007 at 8:22 pm

    this is a bad ass pic got a lot of people to think it was real but.GOOD JOB on the editting. if the pic was real the guy on the ladder flushed his whole insides out.

  39. i think this is fake. look at the helicopters tail, it looks computer-created

  40. this pic is cool. sadly the man dies and the shark wins yey.



  43. i think that this is 2 pics combined together to make it look real coz i have benn both the pics but when i have seen them they were seperate but in this pic they are as one. The shark in this picture doesnt look 100% real to me but i could be wrong as i am in a lot of things…LOL… i have ssen a shark but only a reef shark when i went to the carribean wiv my mum, dad and 2 brothers, at first i was slightley scared but after a while the fear dissaperas and you just think like oh wow…my favourite shark is the tiger shark although they are quite dangerous i like tigers and they are dangerous two but they are cute althhough i wouldnt like to come face to face wiv 1…lol…

  44. Whoever said this looks fake because it looks like plastic is a straight retard. First of all everything in this photo is real. The only thing that’s fake about it is that the shark was copied and pasted. It’s a real shark you idiot.

  45. biggest bullshit

  46. everybody is an ashole by spending time writing this stupid shit including me

  47. This pic is a real 1 but mi personal opinion iz that 2 pix r put in2 1!! nobody cnt rele comment on this az fuk all ppl know whether itz real or not! u lot finkin u know it all wen guess wot ppz u dnt! both the helicopter and the shark iz real but the question is whether itz all a scam! could b real…could b fake…u fukerz dnt know shit!

  48. me agen ppz…ppl that get this type in2 google shark attacks n the top 3 pix that show iz the pic of that shark! so yehh u lot that sed itz fake wel done coz this pic is fukin bull. jus proved that bi givin u lot the link x peace x

  49. If that photo is real then that guy is screwed

    What would you do if you were that guy on the laddder

  50. I love animals. I love sharks too. They are amazing creatures and have been on the earth before the dawn of man. Therefore they must be respected.
    … The truth of the matter is that this is a digitally enhanced photo i.e. two in one.
    The shark image was taken off the coast of Africa. This great white threw its huge body out of the water as it was hunting a seal. I would have loved to have been there! Here he is in the original photo enjoy- he was hungry, he has to eat too… enjoy xox http://urbanlegends.about.com/library/blsharkattack2.htm

  51. The Photo Wierdo

    April 7, 2007 at 1:00 pm

    HaHaHa! So you have found my photo? Yes it is fake I admit. But did I do a good job on making them in one picture? I used a Mac though, not a pc.

  52. this pic iz so fake its 2 pics put together dont u think the man or women wud of died every1 can clearly see that it is goin for its head so it couldnt of gone for the feet could it now ?

  53. this is soo real i just no it im always right!!!!

  54. this is so real i just no it im always right!!!!

  55. this is fake.its from scoops.com or something like that it has messed up pics and it tells u if its real or fake.if u think this is real ur a DE DA DE!!!!!!!!!!

  56. wow dumbass

  57. hail zolton!!!!!!

  58. Michael Jackson

    April 22, 2007 at 3:37 pm

    That’s a load of crap!!! Your right Baker they are retarded. This is impossible. It’s from a movie or someting Go to Pete Wentz on images and see is incident

  59. Charlie Murphy

    April 23, 2007 at 5:41 pm

    its fake look at the golden gate bridge behind it never new sharks live of the coast of san fran

  60. Heyy pepole,
    Before i saw this pictue i was not afraid of sharks well… these days i have the disease galeophobia. which means the fear of sharks. Now that i am finding out that it is fake i am hurt and MAD. I cant spend the rest of my life afraid of something that never happened i havent been in the ocean in forEVER because some idiot had to make me scared. By the way the idiot that made this picture did a WONDERFUL job. ps. I like to be scared! im not scared of anything but shark so thanks!! Email m if you have anymore scary photos!!! Kelsey20042003@yahoo.com my name is kelsey but call me KEL!!!thanks

  61. navy sailor marvelle

    April 27, 2007 at 5:31 pm

    okay this photo is complete crap okay cuz trust me the photo quality is too good (unless they planned this). another thing look at the divers if you count there are two more divers in the water if you saw that shark coming the first thing you do is crack out the shark repellent (standard issue for divers going into shark filled waters). Now for the feast DE resistance look at the shark the proportions are wrong and if that shark was attacking the diver on the later it would have come from below and latched on to the divers legs and pulled him off. P.S. I know a lot of you are calling it a good job but the editor should have made it look more authentic motion blur on the shark and he/she should have taken out the other divers in the water along. plus he should have changed the resolution so that they both match up.

  62. I agree

  63. poor shark! that helicopter just came outta nowhere!

  64. navy sailor marvelle

    April 30, 2007 at 12:48 pm

    please god tell me that your being sarcastic. Please just lie to me and tell me you kidding

  65. this shit is so real

  66. navy sailor marvelle

    May 4, 2007 at 12:08 pm

    and we have idiot number two

  67. ok well i am 12 and even i can see that this is fake its sooooo ovious duh

  68. navy sailor marvelle i hope your family gets eaten by that shark

  69. navy sailor marvelle

    May 11, 2007 at 5:39 pm

    trust me it’d be doing me a favor. oh and if you had any brains (I enfasize on the word had) you’d now to click to the picture above and the the proof that its a frickin fake. Navy – one, Big balls – zero

  70. I can’t b-leve u guys thought this pic was real. you guys r such idiots. Anyway, sharks don’t just jump out of the water like that unless there is a seal that was being chased by the shark in the first place. U guys that created this pic are retarded. DE……..DE……….DE……….

  71. OMG!! navy sailor marvelle, you crack me up!! i was laughing on the floor at wat u said!! this pic is so retardedly fake……..SHNUGGETS

  72. HAHA that shark looks like a chipmunk…
    OMG IM GOING 2 THE JB CONCERT(jonas brothers,if u stupidly didnt kno) HAHA
    y am i writing u ask? BECAUSE I DONT WANT 2 DO MY MENU PROJECT, OR MY HOMEWORK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    “2DAY JR.!!” haha……..SHNUGGET

  73. u guys r still weird and yes for a fact i do luv sharks so stop frlippin kinlling them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  74. u guys r still weird and yes for a fact i do luv sharks so stop frlippin killing them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  75. u guys r still weird and yes for a fact i do luv sharks so stop flippin killing them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  76. i made it…like it? : – )
    its rele hards tho so dont try it..takes ALOT of wrk….but seriously, wouldnt it scare the life out of u if a shark was truly doing that to u?

  77. hey, cypher, is ur name brad?? caus i kno a brad cypher, hes in my class..is that u??

    by the way, the ppl that made this pic, must be mentally challenged, o but dont worry,
    im inautherized 2 teach u baseball ๐Ÿ™‚
    HAHA monster house

  78. i hate sharks..SHNUGGETS

  79. just think, if this was an actual photo wot person wood sit in a boat (possibly watching some1 die)and take it??????????

  80. it look fake but is it???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????/

  81. I saw this pic in one of the nat geo books, it showed the first picture of just the helipcopter and the diver, than the 2nd with the shark added in, besides look at the shark, looks like the ones out of the jaws movies.

  82. yeahh okay. this is way cool. but fake. dont you think that would be on the news? please! you can tell. and where the fuck is gwarm idiot?!

  83. this pic is addited together from 3 other pics :
    1. the shark is from 1 pic
    2. the helicopter is from enother pic
    3. the background different

  84. realitycheckbitch

    July 1, 2007 at 12:06 am

    hahahahaha man that thing LOOKS real but it would of been BIG news catching something like that on video, not camera.
    so the photoshops good.

  85. Ohh MyGosh.. This Picture Is So Scary! Did The Person On The Ladder Get Hurt? XX

  86. that is so fucking fake why will a shark jump at that diver

  87. it looks really kool:) good job:)

  88. omggggggggg .
    worst thing i ever saw / im scared to swim in oceans . ๐Ÿ˜

  89. I call bullshit

  90. it is a toy =)

  91. The story behind the picture that i have read is that it was taken in the Australian coast while the British Forces were doing exercises. Out of no where the shark lept from the water and knocked the man off the ladder, he was rescued without further incident. However, if you knew anything at all about the jumping behaviors of sharks, then you would know that the only place in the world that Great Whites jump out of the water is in the Ring of Death, of the coast of South Africa at an island affectionately known as seal island. So, that leads me to my next point, there is no bridges in Australia that look like the one in the background (in fact it is the Golden Gate in San Francisco) and Australian Whites dont jump like the South African ones. Nice try but fake to a T

  92. I think this pic is sooooo fake. The shark looks real and the heliocopter looks real too. But ther two pics put in one.

  93. shark is absolutely real
    helicopter is also real
    but they both are not in a same location but they just try to make you fool

  94. Hey!! I like this pic! When i looked at it at first it seemed real and scary! Obviously if you look at it carrefully , you will notice some defaults! but this is not true so somehow they needed to attach a pic from another! However it is well made!! good job! ๐Ÿ˜‰ XX

  95. you can tell its fake because its the godlen gate bridge in the back ground and great white do not hang around there.

  96. this is so real i was the guy in the water lol

    Anyone believe me

  97. this was photshopped for a movie…
    the shark picture was taken in south africa, and the helicopter is part of US army training missions.
    They then put the two pictures together….

  98. it looks very real but it is fake but i have to admit the guy who did this must of been ace at photography

  99. hey haven’t talked or checked this website in a while! Does anyone think they know who I am?!!!

  100. hey haven’t talked or checked this website in a while! Does anyone think they know who I am?!!! If they do make sure you kall me

  101. This is cool but so fake it could happen but sharks are afraid of any loud noises how do i know i study sharks nice try guys better luck next time

  102. i think its real because the shark is real and the helicopter is real and also the person

  103. i read an article and it said that it was real

  104. Do some people actually think it’s a real picture ? The light which is on the shark is not the same that the one which is on the helicopter … Watch better ๐Ÿ˜‰

  105. Sharks attack teeth first with its long snout this shark would have attacked with a body roll so it would be sideways or upside down had it jumped out of the water. The docile stance inidactes its probably been fished and was hanging somewhere.

  106. it looks really scary Run! It is real

  107. Yeah this is very fake….i have seen the skark breahing in a tottaly seperate picture. Though it is a very good attempt to make a great story, its not real…the sharks eyes arent even rolled back!

  108. Yeah this is very fake….i have seen the skark breaching in a tottaly seperate picture. Though it is a very good attempt to make a great story, its not real…the sharks eyes arent even rolled back!

  109. To author.
    Add some mist around the shark.
    Now all mist from copter behind the shark. It means shark is not under copter.

  110. this is a joke so clean this mess up
    you guys should know better then


  111. i really think that this is pretty cool
    i mean give the guys credit for coming
    up with this stupid darn idea. i know that
    wouldn’t be me in that water.

  112. i really think that this is pretty cool
    i mean give the guys credit for coming
    up with this stupid darn idea. i know that
    wouldn’t be me in that water.


  113. this photos fake. im not folling for the stupid “oh its real cus dat was me!” ####. ive been to many sites and learned it was photoshopped-with proof.

    i am a critic and i think i know what im talking about okay?


  114. WOW this is so Fake, I must addmit though it had me there for a second….. I thought it was real ๐Ÿ˜€ but Now I no its fake!

  115. That Is NOT the Golden Gate bridge. Do you see any suspentions or cables on it at all! I don’t think so!!! Whoever said it was the Golden Gate Bridge is a real…DE…DE…DE

    P.S. The pic is real

  116. Also, go look at a real pic of the Golden Gate Bridge. It doesn’t look like that at all.

    Also, sharks do jump out of the water at Seal Island.
    It probably attacked because sharks can sense movement in the water and went to attack the person.


  118. man the pic is so way collllll…it looks real…but i don’t think there are sharks as big as an helicopter…do u?

  119. it is well clever!

  120. it is well clever! lol

  121. i love charlotte lea xx not

  122. the picture is fake. when a shark attacks, it turns its body sideways so that it can bite from side to side, not up and down. you can watch any clip of a shark attack and this will prove true. so this means that this picture is fake because you will never see an attacking shark straight up and down.

  123. its an edited picture a kid at Chester High School did it, Ive been on the kids website before

  124. it is real!!!! i am the oak on the ladder!! it was like two months ago, lucky it just took my left foot off and severed my archillies tendent!! it was traumatic

  125. ya.. he is telling the truth, coz i was the oak flying the chopper.. i leaned out the window and shot it twice in the back of the haed with my 9mm while it was chewing simons foot/archillies tendent.

  126. its so real mutherfuckers…..


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