Local Search - Wide open for search professionalsMany of the mainstream news agencies and those who focus on search in discussion groups often only lightly touch on Local Search. Local Search is overlooked by most search professionals, mainly due to the fact that there are bigger fish out there for them to tap as clients.

Search professionals tend to focus on large companies with bigger marketing budgets. If you can find a client willing to pay you $30k per month to manage their SEM, why would you bother going after 6 clients who can pay you $5k each? This means that there is extra competition among search professionals in the upper-end of the market, but that leaves a vast majority of small- to mid-sized companies still untapped for SEM business.

At some point a company will figure out how to break into and completely monopolize the lower-end of the search business – Local Search. A few companies already have offerings in this are, the best being Reach Local. Reach Local’s service allows you to pre-set your spending budget, provides a website for those that don’t have one, and also tracks:

  • Web Site Visits
  • Phone Calls
  • E-Mails
  • Coupons

A tool, like the one Reach Local provides, allows a smaller company who doesn’t have the time or resources to manage a complicated search campaign access to the big leagues of search. The best thing about Local Search is that it’s local – meaning it provides focused results that don’t waste the company’s money on wasted and meaningless clicks.