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So, the Press is Objective Right?

I love an objective and truth-speaking press - thanks NBC!This just made me laugh. If there was ever a moment that caught the press with it’s proverbial trousers down, this was it. Please, take a look at the video footage as a reporter tries to make a normal story into a BIG story.


  1. I hate ‘journalism’ today. It is so rubbish. Everything is DRAMATIC and SHOCKING!!

  2. GOD Particle : Higgs-Boson or N.H. Particle ?

    Last Wednesday (04 July), scientists of the European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN), announced in separate press conferences in UK and Geneva , the success of the discovery of Higgs-Boson like particles which are popularly known as GOD particles. However, the scientists are not sure whether their discovered particles are Higgs-Boson particles (named after the British Scientist Peter Higgs and a Bangali Scientist Sattendranath Bose), or some other particles. In 2010, CERN in an underground tunnel near Geneva, caused a mini Big-bang. An experiment was conducted for one nano second in the 27 kilometer tunnel with seven billion electron-volts. In the Higgs-Boson theory, it was indicated that the Higgs-Boson particles (later on known as GOD particles) played the main role in creating the universe after the Big-bang super explosion. It was opined that these particles only are responsible for mass creation and conveyance of force. Had the new particles not been discovered during this time, scientists would have started thinking of abandoning this theory and started rewriting text books. The new success turned the anxiety into encouragement.

    As a scientist, I wish to sincerely congratulate the concerned scientists and workers of CERN for their credible success and say a few words. According to scientific definition a mass must have weight, which is a matter of gravitational/gravity force, where it is said that bodies attract each other due to that force. But is it really true? In the chapters concerning force and motion of Physics text books, it is said that force causes / accelerates (or retards) the motion of bodies. But is it really true? In publication No. WO 2004/019476 dt.22.04.2004 (priority date 21.08.02) of World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), an organization under the UN, the best authority in the world for patents, the detailed description of Pressure Motion Equivalence (PME) theory can be found in the 44-page story along with diagrams. The publication has been officially sent by WIPO to all its members which includes all the developed countries of the world. According to the PME theory, pressure and not force causes motion, no matter if that pressure is linear, rotational, electric/magnetic or whatever. Pressure and motion are the same things. What is pressure is motion and what is motion is pressure. It has been explained with practical examples that the cause behind motion or current is pressure. In a direction, if the pressure is less there will not be any motion even if the force is more. Some sort of pressure particles are believed to be the cause of motion or pressure. These particles have been named as N.H. particles after the name of the founder of this opinion.

    Publication No WO 2004/019476 of WIPO is basically a patent paper, where the scope of theoretical discussion of N.H. particles is limited. But the background and the reasoning behind the PME theory and the particles have been duly explained. However, to make his patent paper acceptable to all scientists, the inventor and founder, though himself a staunch believer in the Almighty Creator, never mentions the Creator in his patent paper, although he himself sees no difference between science and nature, creation and the Creator. This is the reason why he himself does not introduce his particles as GOD particles, even though he believes that the discovery of N.H. particles would unveil many mysteries of nature, especially those on the root of energy. In one of his published write-ups later on, he was optimistic about plenty of research in the 21st century on his theory of PME and the particle theory.

    Like everybody else, scientists too dream. Some dreams are realized after a lot of hard work and perseverance. If the starting point of scientific dreams is close to the truths of nature, success comes more easily. This is why I believe, the work on the basis of the PME and the N.H. particle theories, instead of force based mass, gravitation or energy, is expected to bring success. Some people may discard the idea as rubbish, by explaining that force and pressure is the same thing. But this is not at all true. To make the idea clearer, it must be said that force is at best two dimensional, whereas pressure is at least three dimensional (the possibility of being more dimensional in actual discovery is high). The nature of the particle that the CERN scientists have discovered is not yet completely known, it might be the very same N.H. particle also. If the latter proves to be true, it would really be a milestone in unveiling the mysteries of nature and creation. It is to be noted that the inventor of the PME and N.H. particle theories is a Bangladeshi. But so what? Science is in the search for truths in nature, where nobody should undermine the contribution of anybody irrespective of religion, caste or creed. After all science knows no political and religious boundaries, but is based on progress involving contributions from each and everyone.

    Nazmul Huda nazinvbd@yahoo.com

    Submitted for your evaluation and comments please.


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