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A Good (Web) Host is Hard To Find

I’ve been doing the web thing for a couple of years, and I have to say that DreamHost is one of the best services that I’ve had the fortune to come across in a long time. For some reason they keep increasing my bandwidth every month – for free, without me asking. They are quick to get back to me when I have an issue that needs to be resolved as well. Quick response time is something I definately look for in a shared hosting service.

One of the other reasons I use them is because I’m extremely lazy. Yes, I could install WordPress (this blog engine) , phpBB and other applications on my own, but it’s so much nicer using their one-click install. They have this for:

  • Joomla (Mambo)
  • phpBB Forums
  • OSCommerce
  • WordPress
  • Miva Merchant
  • Menalto Photo Gallery
  • Etc…

Also of note, I get unlimited domain hosting with gobs of Gigs for both bandwidth and storage space. If half the companies in the world would give such good service and have such a high quality product – well, there would be one very happy White African running around.

Just so you don’t think I’m trying to be sneaky, the links do give me credit if you open service with them, but that is not why I sing these guys praises. I have other websites to make money off of and do try to keep this one “pure”. However, if you did open up service it would cover a couple months of running WhiteAfrican.com – and you won’t regret the choice either!


  1. They seem nice, maybe i should give them a try..

  2. Hey M. Yes, I highly suggest giving them a whirl (obviously).

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