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Rugby: It’s in the Blood

RVA Rugby - Allstar GameWhat is it about those of us who grew up in Kenya? We just can’t get enough head bashing, smashing and mashing. Ever since those glory days at RVA (ahh, yes claim your school!) I’ve had a love for the sport. I don’t want to ruin this article by bringing up wonderful memories of stomping all over St. Mary’s, Patch or Changez – I’ll leave that for another time… 🙂

I just read one of my favorite bloggers – “M” over at Thinker’s Room – who has a great way with words in Rugby, reminisces & KBW. I complained loud enough about not making the squad and he assigned me as a substitute. Yani, I’m praying for injuries so that I get a chance to play!

An exerpt:

It is quite rightly called a hooligan’s game played by gentlemen. There is action, elegance, grace and strategy in the game, as well as availing excellent opportunities to break your neck…

Other Kenyans, invariably great storytellers, also like to tell the old ruge stories. Mental Acrobatics has some on the new All Blacks Haka and on Team Talk. Now, if only I could get good rugby coverage here in the US.


  1. I hear from reliable sources one member of the pack is about to get his neck broken by his significant other.

    Watch this space — we just might field you!

  2. M, ahh – just what I like to hear!

  3. I trust you watched the All Blacks Lions match — GOOD STUFF!!! I hope you were taking pointers!

  4. No hope of getting that here. Only whimpy men in tights and padded upper bodies. I want to see blood AAAARGH!!!! (Ripping of paper to shreds with teeth)

  5. hehe. Bee, thanks for the morning chuckle. 🙂

  6. Yes, I’ve been patiently waiting for ruge to catch on in Jesus-land, to no avail. We’re only just now bothering ourselves with football (soccer).

    Fortunately, basketball, baseball and American football seem about ready to be crushed under their own bloated franchises. And then we’ll all see the light.


  7. You said name your school so which school has the longest rugby playing history in kenya/ has the unofficial motto of no rugby no school/produced the most members of the kenyan national team/and school structure similar to the famouus rugby school in england yes prince of wales/nairobi school/patch . you asked for it so i stated

  8. just for the old times sake here is a freebie. all black vs lions last year dec 2005

  9. Joe, first off, welcome. Second, I’m glad to have an Old Cambrians member visiting my site. No doubt that Nairobi School has the same history and calibre of rugby that RVA, St Marys and Duke of York/Lenana do.

    However, I would like to point out that if someone were to tally up the number of Prescott Cup championships, that I believe good old Rift Valley Academy wins the day. Can anyone give me the history on that?

    You know what, this topic is definately worth an “article” on the blog, so hold your comments for that.


    PS. Awesome Google video link. Love it!

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