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Zimbra: AJAX-based Email Client

Zimbra LogoZimbra is the “new kid on the block” in the email world. They’ve built a beautiful AJAX based, open source application, which you can view via their Flash demo, or try through their hosted demo. I highly suggest taking a look at the Flash demo to get a better understanding of how they are creating a very user-friendly system.

In some ways, this Web 2.0 time we’re living in can feel overwhelming. There are just too many choices. You want a browser? Choose between Flock, Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera, or Safari. You want email? Will you choose Yahoo, Hotmail, or GMail as your web-based version and Outlook, Mail, or Thunderbird as your actual client? Too many choices sometimes.

However, with all the choices out there one thing always proves out – if you build a simple and high-quality product you will win out. Google has shown us this, they entered an incredibly competitive search market at the worst possible time – and won. Zimbra could do the same thing.


  1. I predict big things for Zimbra. It looks like it outclasses Lotus notes and Exchange in terms of flexibility.

    Personally I plan to deploy it for everyday use but the beta tag leaves me ish-ish

  2. tried it some time back & I was impressed . compared to Bynari’s Insight it comes up on top . however its rather resource intensive compared to the native solutions that one can build from scratch guess thats the price one has to pay

  3. Looks like it would add a lot of simple solutions for people like me who manage many different addresses. If only the admins can pick it up. I think it is a bit risky for them if they are already used to the old tried and untrue methods.

  4. Looks great but how long till it sells out to Yahoo?

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