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Wooden PowerBook & Kenyan Carvers

It’s debatable whether this mod for the Apple Powerbook is real or if it’s just contact paper, but it looks good never-the-less.

Imagine what an one of our friends from Ukambani could do with one of these things! You know those guys have talent.

When I was back recently I found some guys who had moved past the normal curio art. They were creating really nice artistic pieces that you just didn’t find 10 years ago. The following images are pictures of some of the carvings that I found and now own (except for the elephant table at the bottom). Click for a larger image.

Cape Buffalo Carving
Of course I had to buy this nyati carving. It stands about 18 inches and is beautifully carved.

Lions attacking a wildebeast
This carving grabbed my attention as well, it has so much action.

Kenyan carving an piece of wood into an elephant table
It takes this gentleman a full year to carve one of these tables. This is a picture of one in progress.

A finalized Elephant Table (1 year of work)
A finalized “Elephant Table”. Trust me, they are even more amazing in person! Want one? Be prepared to cough up $8-20k depending on size and quality.


  1. It’s fake. It would have to be thicker that the original cover to work structurally. The other stuff is cool though.

  2. very cool, could i have that bracelet?

  3. Man, that Elephant Table is brilliant! Did you buy one?

    Yani, that thing needs a lot of space. Else I’d love to have one like that. Maybe with some holes for beer mugs 🙂

  4. JKE, no I didn’t buy one – to much besh needed for that one. The picture that you see is about 6 feet long. There are others even bigger!

  5. Very Cool ! I love these designs !

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