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OLPC Size ComparisonI was following the One Laptop Per Child (OLPC) program/initiative very closely for a while, and still do. However, since I found the OLPC News blog I’ve forgotten to pass that information on. The OLPC News blog is a great place to keep abreast of what’s happening with our favorite cheap computer. In their own words:

Your independent source for news, information, commentary, and discussion of the One Laptop Per Child $100 dollar 2B1 Children’s Machine laptop developed by MIT Media Lab co-founder Nicholas Negroponte.

Interestingly enough, one of their writers lives in Western Kenya – David is originally from the UK. I’d like to see some more thoughts on their blog from non-Westerners though. It would be a great step in the right direction if they were to enlist the help of individuals in the developing nations that they operate in to write about the OLPC.

They mention another great resource for information on the project, the OLPC Wiki. Definitely check it out if you have the time. Add to it if you have some insights or news.


  1. I fell on your web site out of a stroke of luck. I was more so attracted by the it title. Glad to know that, there are many white africans who are proud to be part of africa. The title of your web should make the world especially journalists know that, africa does not only belong to blacks, it is diverse as the face of the earth. Don’t evolutionists claim that, the origne of man was in africa?

  2. I too would love to have smart non-Western viewpoints on OLPC News. Know of anyone as OLPC obsessive as we?

  3. I’m not sure Wayan, I’ll ask around though. I’m sure some of the contributors to AfriGadget would be. Either way, you’ve got a good thing going there and I really do appreciate the work you guys have put into the blog.

  4. I can’t wait to see and play with the OLPC. And what a brilliant idea. We can only hope that it realise successfully.

    BTW, big article in the December issue of the Intelligence magazine. Go read it!

  5. Stii, you’ve got me all curious now and I don’t have access to Intelligence Magazine… Fill us all in on the story.

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