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Quick Hits and Random Thoughts

Quick Hits
AfriGadget’s second monthly BBC/PRI interview with The World is now live. Juliana, one of the editors who also blogs at Afromusing, was interviewed this month. You’ll hear her start talking at about 17:15 in the podcast.

A scathing commentary of the US State Dept document that showcases their lack of understanding regarding mobile payments and remittances.

What Microloans Miss” interesting article in the New Yorker on microfinance.

The RateMyCop Saga” – Hold on, if you’re doing nothing wrong you shouldn’t be worried right? Ahh, it’s fun to watch others eat their own dogfood sometimes… On another note, Godaddy really sucked on their decision to act on this – scary really.

My SAP Global Survey, and another interview on technology in Africa with ScribbleSheet.

Random Thoughts
If you’re organizing a grassroots event, AirBed and Breakfast is a brilliant tool to use for the out-of-towners.

I read a post recently where the author was relating a conversation between him and an “old school” journalist at a newspaper. This journalist thought it was important that newspapers tell more stories than those that a particular person was interested in, to give them a broader perspective of the world. However, it seems to me that blogs are a lot more like radio stations than newspapers. People “tune in” to the things they want to read.


  1. The problem with sites like rateycop is that, honestly, people always have complaints about cops, even when they aren’t being ‘pigs.’ I know that there are plenty of bad cops out there, but there are plenty of good ones too, my father being one of them. So even if every cop was perfectly courteous, people would still complain because cops give tickets and arrest you. No one likes that, so they complain.

  2. Jaryd, I agree that people would still complain even with good cops, but once in a while there’s a positive reaction to a good cop.

    Digg usually features a lot of bad cop incidents, but this week a good cop at a protest got a very high rating and positive comments.

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