Not growing up listening to any music of my own has led to me forming a rather eclectic taste in what I enjoy listening to. Here are a few of my favorite artists:

Eclectic Music Tastes

Looks are deceiving though, I’m really not that eclectic. Upon closer inspection of their songs you’ll realize that many of them are ballads – at least the ones I listen to. It turns out that what I like is a good story.

Companies tend to be the same way – you can’t always tell what their story is or what their strengths are at first glance, and few people within them take the time to go under the surface. However, that’s the job of the president or anyone in a visionary or strategic role – you have to understand the deeper meanings and underlying truths of why your company does things and what it does best.

Taking the time for introspection and deeper thought is not just a good idea, it is vital.