If anyone has any doubts about the revenue growth online, please reference the graph above. As you can see, there was a large dip from 2000 – 2002, which gradually caught up and overtook the best of the 90’s “boom” by 2003. This time the growth has a firm foundation and is no longer built completely on speculation.

Internet Revenue Growth - IAB

Search engine marketing (paid ads on search engines) has been a huge growth area. Media spending has experienced even more growth with increased usage of the internet around the world. The deterioration of eyeball time on traditional media like TV and print has caused a swing in the amount of money that large advertisers are pushing into the online world. When they no longer get their “bang for the buck” on TV, the web is a good place to go.

World Internet UsageFor reference, here is a link to the number of users in each country worldwide. Of particular interest to me is the fact that it looks like Africa is missing the boat here.