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Firefox – Or, How I Kicked IE to the Curb

Get Firefox!I’m a huge fan of Firefox. I have just recently begun to realize that because I work in the tech/web world that I assume that everyone else is aware of the same changes on the web that I am. Not true at all. In the same way that I am not as aware of current trends in other industries, things like biotech or current Angolan politics, others are not cognizant of the sea changes that are going on in the web.

Here is my simple intro to Firefox after discussions with non-technologically inclined family and friends:

Firefox is a web browser. You can use it in place of Internet Explorer, AOL, Safari, or whatever else you might be using. Why switch? There are a couple of easy answers to that question, the first being security compared to Internet Explorer, ease of use, tabbed browsing, and plugins.

You can have Internet Explorer AND Firefox on your computer at the same time. My suggestion is to download Firefox at here. Try it out and, try the tabbed browsing (ctrl+T), and read up on the different plugins. You can also import all of your favorites from Internet Explorer, so if you’re like me, you won’t be going back after the switch!


  1. We use FireFox as well, Hash. Love it.


  2. I like Firefox but for a great tabbed browsing experience with IE, check out AvantBrowser [http://www.avantbrowser.com/]. It’s basically a program that wraps IE components to give you a better experience. And it’s free!

    On of my favorite features is that on the tools menu you can toggle the availability of Sounds, Pictures, ActiveX, Flash, and even Javascript. It tabs well although I think Firefox is good at this too, and it allows you to have RSS feeds as bookmarks. Pretty cool.

  3. Just come across you, and trying to read through your blog – very nice by the way!

    Love Firefox – havent used IE since I switched… will be coming back here to check on Tech issues since I am one of those non-tech field beings…

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