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Girl Saves Goat From Being Eaten – Ludicrous!

White African Food - Mbuzi / GoatIn Africa, we like our goat meat. There is nothing, and I do mean nothing, better than an evening spent with friends while eating nyama choma ya mbuzi. This is why I find it completely ludicrous to hear a story of a girl in New York who “saved” a goat from being eaten.

FLUSHING, N.Y. (New York Post) รขโ‚ฌโ€ One lucky baby goat escaped becoming the main course, thanks to one plucky little girl.

A Flushing, N.Y., family bought Meadow the goat to be cooked and eaten, but the agile animal escaped from their yard, setting off a neighborhood chase.

For the full story go here.

Maybe I’m being insensitive, but don’t people realize that goats, as welll as cows and chickens, have been human food for millenia? I guess you could say the same of cats and dogs if you’re Oriental. I don’t harbor ill will against people who eat cats and dogs, nor do I think it wrong, they see them the same way we do beef, mutton and chicken.


  1. Yes, people have a right to eat animals. But people also have a right to not want animals to be eaten. And vegetarians (and other people who prevent sundry animals from being killed – legally, at least, like this little one) have the right to not be called ridiculous when they take action. If I spent an evening with you, white african as I am (at least in the loosest sense), I would not eat nyama choma and I hope our communal experience wouldn’t be cheapened because of it. And I wouldn’t look down on those who partook.

    The fact is that even though historically people have eaten all sorts of animals, this doesn’t become a moral argument for doing it now. I’m not saying that it’s immoral to eat an animal for food. I’m saying that eating meat is now a preference, not a necessity. Humans no longer have to eat meat to survive, except in special cases. So ridiculing those who don’t want animals to die for food IS insensitive, since their opinion is every bit as valid as yours.

    And some people believe that an animal’s life is as valuable as a human’s (however stupid many people would find that opinion), so from their perspective their act of saving an animal from the cook pot is as valuable as jumping off a bridge to save a drowning human being. I don’t think their belief is either amoral or invalid.

    Sorry to light into you, Hash. You knew I wouldn’t be able to resist, right?


  2. Morphea, I knew this article would get a rise out of you! ๐Ÿ™‚ (though I didn’t write it for that reason alone)

    I agree that everyone has the right to decide what they want to eat (or not). However, I do reserve the right to let people know that I think it’s overkill (excuse the terminology) to not eat meat.

    My point on this story was to show how we each can view a story from a different perspective. The girl saving the goat was acting according to her beliefs. My response was amazement that people are passing up a possible goat roast. I also called into attention that Korean’s would think my beliefs ludicrous for not eating dog or cat.

    I just think it’s always such an interesting discussion – this whole vegetarian vs carnivore thing.


  3. For future reference, I think we say Asians now – not Orientals. And I’m in for the goat roast, as long as we russle up some yummy tofu for Morphea. I’ll probably have some of that, too.

  4. that was funny tho. I have a friend who says that we (humans) did not get on the top of the food chain for no good reason…he is not about to relinquish his spot anytime soon…(he happens to be kenyan btw).

  5. I stand corrected – how un-PC of me (and ignorant, because not all cat and dog eaters are oriental)…

    ๐Ÿ™‚ Asians it is.

  6. I just eschew meat because I can. And I only miss things like chicken and goat and a good steak from time to time. I am sad, Hash, very sad, that I didn’t get one more chance to taste roast goat before I gave up meat three years ago.

    Swoosh can’t have seen this discussion yet. I’m preparing myself for him coming in and telling me I’m an idiot and going on about seared dolphin steaks and whatnot.

    Hash, as usual you met my ranting and raving with grace and humor. I salute you. And I also admire you for being able to enjoy me to the point of raving fury (well, I wasn’t furious, not even mad – but I did go on for a bit, didn’t I?). It never fails, your needling. [smile] And you’re not ignorant, my dear friend. Quite the contrary.


  7. Hehe. It’s always in good fun. You and Aly both make my life much more enjoyable. How boring would life be if we all agreed all the time?

  8. Aterere…now I am hungry and longing for some nyama choma.
    In fact, I found a restaurant run by a Kenyan lady over here in Germany two weeks ago and had delicious nyama choma, lakini it wasn’t made out of mbuzi. With (imported) TUSKER, though ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. I’m always jealous of those who find a good Kenyan restaurant in their city. If anyone knows of one in Florida, let me know.

  10. Some years ago, about 32, I met an old farmer of Italian desent, who had immigrated to this country when he was younger .
    My uncle had known, and let us hunt on his property( I live in the US BTW).
    He had told me stories about how in his youth, him and his siblings had to hunt blackbirds to eat, since they were pretty poor.
    I geuss ones circumstances plays a big role in choosing what to eat.
    Some cultures in the world find it perfectly normal to munch on some insects for dinner. YUCKK!!!!

  11. Nyama choma- say we all make it to the Carnivore for Christmas….

  12. Ahhhh. Carnivore! Man, I love that place. I eat until I’m about to burst and must be carried to my car, groaning “why? why is the food so good here!!?”

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