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Diesel Motorcycle: Bulldog by HDT

HDT created a diesel motorcycle out of a Kawasaki KLR650 for the US Military, specifically the US Marines. Word on the street is that HDT will be taking orders for the civilian “Bulldog” variant by the end of 2005.

HDT’s Bulldog 650cc Motorcycle

I couldn’t help but think how useful a piki piki (motorcycle) like this would be, especially in developing countries where the need for strong and reliable transportation is important. The Bulldog gets 102 Mpg at 55 Mph – folks, that’s a heck of a long way!

HDT’s Bulldog 650cc Motorcycle


  1. True true. it looks cool!

  2. I’m going to keep my ears open to see when they’re selling them, and for how much. Depending on spare parts and fixability, I might purchase one.

  3. WOW! This bikes are just what I’ve always been waiting for! They even run on kerosine! Great. Should have had one back in Kenya 1995. Especially the low consumption and far range is cool.

  4. Great bikes! Imagine travelling somewhere close to Lake Turkana and running out of fuel and trading in some bic pens for some drops of Kerosene from a karabai.

    @mzeecedric: you still owe that AfricaTwin?

  5. interesting, though Yanks might be turned off by the performance, of course, for newbies that might be a good thing. Add CVT and shaft or belt drive and you’ve got a pretty easy to ride lo-maintanence affair. Would be nice if there were a lower seat variation…

  6. A diesel motorcycle for road/off road situations… great mileage, decent looks for a “cacharpa” (haha that means it’s lean on fuel consumption)sounds like a hell of a great idea! I wouldn’t mind saving my pennies to get one, but where? How? At the cost of how much in taxes here in Mexico? Any comments will be welcome. Ivan.

  7. Guys,
    you can keep up to date with developments on my website, http://www.DieselBike.net The Limited edition of the KLR will be very expensive at $18,995. Next year the price should drop (we hope).

  8. Thanks for thie info Stuart, that price tag might be a little too much for me…. As nice as they are, you can buy a BMR R1200GS for less.

  9. Thank God!
    You listened to my prayers. – When can I get one
    Just the right bike for my work

  10. Would the diesel motor be able to be put in the new ’08 KLR’s?

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