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Rural Community Radio in Africa

DSC_0265 Tuareg radio deejay

It’s not true if the radio doesn’t say it.

That was a reply from a rural Liberian farmer to Malcolm Joseph, the managing director of the Center for Media Studies in Liberia. He shared that with me as I discussed the way communication has happened between the media and the public here over the past few years. It’s an interesting challenge, trying to marry up communication channels and technology mediums to be as effective as you can be across a varied and spread out demographic.

Radio is important. It’s still the main way that rural groups get their news. Newspaper circulation drops drastically outside of the cities. While many countries have at least a couple of radio stations of national reach, you still find a number of smaller radio stations that work within districts, down to the the real rural community radio stations that operate with a 5-10 kilometer radius.

The question we have to ask ourselves is, how do we connect better through this medium? It’s not good enough to just say that, “mobile phone coverage is good enough”. Even though the mobile coverage might be good, the credibility and community-inclusiveness of even a small radio station means that it cannot be ignored when trying to reach ordinary Africans. Add in illiteracy rates, which are typically higher in rural areas, and it becomes even more important.

Not ever web or mobile service needs to consider this, but we all need to think better on how to integrate radio into the mobile and web world in Africa. This isn’t just a post for aid and development groups either, it’s for people who want to create digital services that reach beyond African urban settings.

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  1. “It’s not true if the radio doesn’t say it” rings a haunting chord when I think about Rwanda in 1994 where radio played such a frightening role in the genocide. It emphasises more than ever the importance of turning radio into an interactive, participatory medium using complementary technologies.

    • @Steve Song – Great reminder and example.

      @Bertie – I’m not sure how I forgot Farm Radio, but have added the link. Thanks.

  2. Radio has a long history in Africa. Both good and bad. In development, you may want to look at the work of Geekcorps Mali as well. They’ve been installing Internet-enabled radio stations in the North for a few years now to great success.

  3. Matt Berg (ex-Geekcorps Mali director) has a great article on Leveraging Internet for Radio as well.

  4. There’s broadcast radio and then there are radio sets. . The mash up between radio and telephone goes way back, talk radio being just the most obvious. Small MP3 players can be connected to tiny transmitters to broadcast a short distance to a radio set to share the content. Many MP3 players are also digital voice recorders, or can be made so. These devices have potential like telephones to make radio a many to many medium.

    Lots of people are involved agricultural extension and disease prevention efforts. Podcasts to radio sets are a viable way to distribute such information–and much more. I could imagine radio stations facilitating the making of podcasts. There are many possibilities for mash up. For example a farmer’s group listens to a podcast with agricultural information. In addition to listening they might have the opportunity to ask questions or add information via the digital recorder feature of the MP3 player. In turn a broadcast radio program then has content so they can listen to the audience, and content they can share from the audience in broadcast. Radio stations are a key link for digital information in Africa.

  5. Dude, this is a beautiful image.

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