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Quick hits around African tech

Google’s Code Jam Africa is underway, and top African programming talent are working to solve some tough algorithmic challenges.

Idd Salim gives us, “10 Kenyans Under 32 will be USD Millionaires before October 2010” or, his thoughts on how to make big money in the web and mobile space.
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Foreign Policy writes a scare piece on how a high-speed wired Africa dooms the world to powerful botnets
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AllAfrica covers Sophia Bekele’s .Africa project, trying to get a TLD set up for Africa (a la www.whiteafrican.africa).

Inside Facebook points out the slow and steady growth of Facebook users across Africa.

Finally, in the not-tech-but-interesting category we see the blurring of the US military and development/aid programs and how this new “smart power” is going to mean more US military industrial complex members invading Africa.


  1. if you read the Africa WMD piece, make sure to note that Ben Mazzotta “calls ‘bull'”:

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