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Where Africa and Technology Collide!

Dennis Matanda’s “Call for African Recolonization”

African Pith HelmetWant to become an instant pariah? Talk about race in Africa. How about you continue and blame Africans for Africa’s problems, and how Africa isn’t living up to it’s potential. How about you make things even more explosive and talk about how things would be better if the white man was back in control.

Stirring up a huge pot, that no one in their right mind would want to touch, Dennis Matanda has really put himself on the map. He started with sarcastic Call for African Recolonization: Part 1 where he claimed:

Because those leaders mentioned above are useless black people, I would like to recommend that instead of wasting our time and wringing our hands in helplessness while the rest of the world slowly but surely gets numb to our pain and leaves us behind even faster, we should let these good white folk come back to actually and effectively run our African countries and affairs. Yes – we know that white people control our budgets behind those curtains of donor aid and NGO’s – but they give momentary power to uninstitutionalized Africans – who can, in less than a heart beat, do more damage to a good and viable project than 1,000 barracudas can do to a ton of succulent lean beef!

Are you allowed to say that!? Even when not being serious…? Dennis continues, and completes the thought pattern, in Part 2:

While this article was in no way designed to be disrespectful to any race, the comparisons and expressions used here are meant to disparage the African leader. The African leader, for his part, has not, under any circumstances, progressed from being the selfish village idiot that he really is under those expensive suits and desire to travel by either private jet or business class. He is still being controlled by the environment that spawned him or her and to make things worse, that environment comes to haunt them on a regular basis. It’s this force of supernatural powers that is to blame for all the things that we go through.

Does anyone want to really openly discuss these types of issues? Discussions of race are always very touchy within our African blogosphere and this is no different.

Go read both articles, Dennis is a talented writer and offers up fertile discussion ground. I welcome his fresh new voice and will continue to read his interesting articles. African Path is quickly becoming a great platform to read thoughtful articles by Africans for Africans – keep it up.


  1. Hash:

    My sentiments exactly. I mean upon the first time reading it, I was really upset about the article. Even if the writer’s intentions were just to be a little sarcastic and to stir a little thought. After thinking about it further those feelings sort of simmered down a little bit, only to bubble up again. However, at the end of the day I guess it isnt my place to really tell Dennis how to do his job. So, where does that leave me-for the moment just shaking my head…

  2. Perhaps I am far too obtuse or hopped up on coffee, but I found most of the article strangely illogical. For instance, what does one make of the claim that Africans are “obsessed with fighting for rights we do not deserve or cannot sustain?” What are the frames of reference? What is the object of critique?

    The claim that Africa lacks “institutions” seems a misreading of capitalism and its growth and spread, and, as well, an improper frame for thinking about “africa,” that vast, undifferentiated amorphous space that can somehow be thought of as a single and singular space and time. One could argue his arguments are derivative and far from original (they are), but that is not so interesting to me.

    Has the African blogosphere evaded questions of race? Again, that seems, to me, a misreading, a statement only possible if we ignore Black Looks, African Bullets and Honey, Diary of a Mad Kenyan Woman, to name only the few I have tracked over the past few years.

    But perhaps I am simply a most ungenerous reader of Matanda, this much I am willing to admit.

  3. Ms. Keguro and Mwangi,

    I feel like I have been completely understood under the circumstances. And just to give K an insight into the rights we ask for but cannot sustain, look at a country like Uganda or Nigeria where rights like democracy are demanded – but cannot be sustained because of people like Obasanjo and Museveni. How do you explain the RUF’s cutting off of hands in Sierra Leone so that people do not have hands to vote? If a country or a people cannot sustain an institution or a livelihood, they should look for other means.

    In regard to the lack of institutions, if you had read into the article, you would have seen that although these things are there in name [like a National Planning Authority in Uganda], they remain in name.

    That is my story and I am sticking to it. I have travelled to the majority of Africa’s countries and believe that the only way these race things will be solved is through radical thought – and especially Africans recommending aspects that would educate and also belittle the leaders we put into office.

  4. When we first moved to Omdurman, our neighbor was an old man named Taj el Din who had served in the British Army before independence. He spoke with the salty language of a sailor. One morning when he was particularly disgusted with the Nimeiri government, he caught me in the street and declared, “This government is no damned good. Bring back the British!”

  5. I produced a research paper about six years ago entitled “Recolonising Africa”. Far from calling for European (or even Arab) recolonisation, I showed how, through over-reliance on foreign aid to run their economies, Africa governments have already allowed themselves to be recolonised. The “recolonisation” I was suggesting was that Africans actually take responsibility for themselves.

    Thanks for the link earlier 😉

  6. William J. Gibbons

    March 2, 2007 at 8:18 am

    Given the complete disaster that Zimbabwe has become under Mugabe, most Zimbabweans regardless of colour probably still wish they had Ian Smith.

    W.J. Gibbons


    The term Colonialism of colonisation is not an easy to give it a defination . However, it is a term I would prefer to say is an issue in close relation to the people of Africa. The backbone of colonialism for Africa started with slave trade and slavery in Africa. with its starting date from 1440 AD, it went up 1840 AD.

    This is where the Black people were taken to go and work in America, Europe and the Middle East. That is really the background of colonization much talked of in the vworld .

    The true colonisation started from 1850, where the people of Africa were colonised by Europe. The objects were three, one was the so – called Civilization of the Africans of which Africans are regarded to have no civilisation , the second was Christianization, to make Africans Christianian followers , the third was the Commerce, the trade of which Africans are considered ignorant . So if you are Civilized and Christian, inotherwords then you have Ttrade. This was called the three C ‘ s`and was the background of Colonization of Africa .

    The reason of introducing the ” 3 C ‘ s ” was simple and that was because the Africans fought hard against Slave trade. It wasn’t an easy issue, simply picking the Africans. It involved war, destroying villages, catching the victims or selling them, taking them to the coast and later taking them by Ship to America . But European Historians would love to write that the Africans were the ones who sold their own people to the Arabs and to the Eurpeans to be taken to Middle East , Europe and to the Americas . And through this direction of wrong information in the European Mentor schools purposely created in African soil was / is the idea to mislead the young African generations , thus making believe that their or our forefathers were nothing but of a Human living beings with mind formation of Brutality to their own people , the Blacks . This according to me has been a created behind philosophy of re – educating the Africans in changing the real History events / or of what happened in Africa in the first moment of the contacts of Arabs and Europeans with the Africans from 1850 .

    The truth to say which the Arabs and the Europeans can not say is that so may Africans died, out of 10 slaves caught, nine of them died on the continent of Africa in the war fightings . And out of all on the boat taken to America in particular, from West Africa, half of them died at sea, because the conditions were terribly bad. Therefore Slave trade was found Uneconomic, around about 1815, so the Pretext that Slave trade was a bad thing Started and this had to be Replaced by Enslaving the black people on / or in their continent Africa .

    Thus, and this is how the idea of colonization was developed by the Europeans , which was termed in the meeting in Paris 1875, called the ” Tterra Nullius Resolution ” dated 3rd August 1875 , .Whereby the European Powers said, the Land of Africa is empty or must be considered empty and it does not belong to the people of Africa, the black people, so it has to be taken over .

    The meaning in Latin, Terra nullius, nullius means nothing. So they , Europeans were not taking Land from a people, as we , Africans did not exist for them but only in their philosophy that, black people had been Enslaved to them, the Europeans for 400 years, probable by the Divine Power : Tthe Continent Africa did not belong to anybody, not even the blacks . So , what was wrong to introduce in this name of Divine Power and through to the African Peoples in the concept of a European Religion organistion to propagate of the European Mentor ?

    This Paris resolution of 3rd August 1875 set the base for colonization and to establish the Laws, how to divide the African land among the European powers, a conference which came to be known as the conference of Berlin was designed . It took place in Berlin, in Germany. It started on 15th November 1884 up to 25th febuary 1885.

    What was called the General Acts of Berlin or the Treaty of Berlin was signed on the 26th of February 1885. This is the Law, the charter that granted the power to the European powers to take any Land in Africa and divide it among themselves. Colonisation was born in 1885 and continued up to approximately, we can say, up to 1960 , where the philosophy of decolonization started after the Second World War 1945.

    So in brief we should say how do we define colonization? Colonization is depriving a people of their basic human rights, their political rights, taking away their freedom and enslaving and oppressing them to work, even without pay. Taking away all their rights and depriving them even of their culture, their language and all that humanity can think of. Coming to the question of Civilization, it means the African way of life is considered primitive; therefore it doesn’t deserve to be retained.

    Thus Europeans gave power to themselves, to destroy African culture, to destroy African existing governments. Chiefs were taken , executed, deported and everything was set, so that the new future African Blacks are Black Europeans. Behave like white Europeans, eat like them, do everything like them and speak their language. So, this is what is called the Colonization of Africa.

    To be frank , what is being said by Europeans or present educated Black Europeans ( because these Black Europeans eat like them , do everything like them and speak their language ) is the protracted Policy of colonisation of Africa ( Re – colonisation of Africa ) through what is generally called Education only by the Western Europeans is applicable in the Continent of Africa . The term Education does not mean this anyway .

    It must be stated very clearly to starrt with that the core or the Central concept of the European Powers is that of representative as the Head of all States or of every Member State of all African Countries which they shared among themselves . One issue which confuses the Ordinary , non Political mentor / mind is the Tactical switch and Compromise of Duties and / or Functions between the Act of Technicality , Legality and Administration in any form of Organisation of a Society ( Be of a family , Tribes , Nations , States or State Kingdoms ) makes no fifference , there is a Role to play to exercise Rights and Duties which is vested , invested and Entrusted to some one who is known to have a Capacity in each and individual Society by the Society itself in the first place . In this perspective , for example , all African people and collectively as different countries fall under the European Sovereignty / Capacity Control .

    This alone gives the Cultural advantage to the Europeans who so much only do to train the African and change their attitude of being African to follow and teach their own generations of their Socio – Cultural traits . We all know that African Socio – Cultural Traits are more deep and profound than what is refered to the European Traits in Humane life sense .

    The Key to the European Economic interests in Africa is the control of the African Monetary and Fiscal Affairs , or Monetary System , so that the Forign Trades of Africa is controlled by the Europeans By controlling the Monetary and Fiscal Affairs of Africa , Europeans can succeed to controll the free develoment of the National Reserve Fund Buildings , on the one hand , and the Foreign Trade Expansion on the other hand . The European Economic Interests are protected in this way . Hence by forcing Africa and its peoples to produce what Europe decides to be produced and how much of it to be produced and through this , Africa be be under Europes Orgaisation , Europe is assured of all the Agricultural and Mineral resources of Africa for its own feeding Europes Industries in the European Countries . and in other Countries where found fit .

    The truth is that there is a cheap Labour force avalaible in Africa to use to produce the agricultural and mineral raw materials needed for transfer to Europe . In otherwards in the Minds of the Europeans, there is avalaible in Africa a multitude of Respectable Slaves to be Exploited for the profit of the Eurpean people . Consequently , Africas Agricultural resources , Mineral resources , Labour resources , the Waters , Trees , and Mountains are to be surrendered to the Europeans . Now , on top of this , even the same Europeans turn around to insult Africans on this planet that they call the Earth ” Africans do not know anything in the part of Africa . ” .

    Such , as an example only , is the advantage from the Memmership to be part of Commonwealth Organisation of Britain which is the Broad Day – Light Robbery of the Commonwealth African Countries ‘ s Natural and Human Resources for the British people to enjoy ., while the African people are left to die every day of Hunger , Poverty , Diseases . In this way , the African people are converted into a Community of Assisted men


    Europeans do everything to control Africa to protect the MARKETS for the European products and for the empolyment of the European people . Africa is a favourable market for the European manufactured goods . This is known as a GOODS MARKET .

    With its excellent climate variability the Africans are being converted by the European people as a Land to live in . Thus Africa is a favourable Labour Market for the empolyment of the European people to work in . Africa in addition is a favourable Service Market for the Services rendered by the European professionals of all grounds and walks of life : – Lawyers , Bankers , Traders , Importers , Accountants , Physicians , Dentits , Nurses , Teachers , Engineers , Tour Operators , etc ——-

    For these reasons , there is a formulated strategy in what we call Relations Establishment OfficeS with African people which in short is merely a way find out to detrermine and for the Europeans to protect their Diplomatic and Cultural , Strategic , Economic , and Commercial interests in Africa whereby , Europeans mentor is always , constantly engaged , involved in all sorts of manipulations to control their Affairs in Africa . I hope the African generations in Future get to know the truth about themselvels now . The world is not ending today . When Isaac Newton , a genius Human being , was put a question as to wether , he thinks , how the future World wars will be fought —- In a respectiful answer , he responds —- and I think in his Intelligence to all of us as Human beings and we should be proud of him ” Man will end up by fighting each other by using still , Sticks and Stones ” but will end up by not using the so called Nuclear Weapons or Strategic Head Guided Accurate Missile Sporting War devises .

    Africans , you need your mind revolution formations please , to come out of this Human Sufferings inflicted on you . Give a try to that to come out of this boundage . I guess there are still , World over Human beings , who are yet intelligent to change the present World politics to suit for the survival of the one single Human race . The term race means oneness in Humanity Affairs and predictably for the Human Co – existence on this Earth , if this planet Earth will not be desroyed by any Super Power of Extra Terrastrial . Through Share of Knoweldge , there is no more room for deceits or politricks in centuaries to come to think of poverty any more . Man has acquired that Capacity already to see the politrics of the few people in the Power corner stones of yesterday and today .


    Institute of Sudanic Studies – ISS

  8. THE FATE OF PANAFRICANISM : – Only African Union Opts To Destroy Pan Africanism

    To establish a good network of a true minded people and organizations, who above all share a social consciousness and awareness of their ability as creative individuals and groups, and therefore to change a social, economic, political and spiritual status quo, as well as explore alternatives of how people could live and cooperate, can only think of getting rid of the present evil that stalks our planet.

    The current world structure is based on an exploitative capitalist system which is destroying indigenous cultures all over the world, as well as, perpetuating colonialism, impoverishing people and waging wars, i.e. Africa . In addition, most organized religions are blocking the individual’s path to true spirituality and are merely methods of controlling the masses, serving political interests and gaining opulence. .

    The majority of citizens of this planet are controlled and centered on a cycle of wage labour from which they never escape, but which allows the owners of capital to increase their wealth.

    It must be noted that Africans to mention are not communists or anarchists. The individual members of the African people may have varying ideological views but the African People all in all are in agreement that the current capitalist fascism running the planet is the only ideology which today has become most intorable as it is a lethal disguise for the true sickness of current humanity fo the urge to dominate ones fellow human being.

    In the history of Lado people as Africans on the African continent they have always stood and stand again in solidarity with anyone on the planet who acts based on this principle on none disguise for the urge to dominate ones fellow human being .

    They , like the rest of the human beings of this planet are political activists, artists and independently thinking individuals/groups who believe that through expression arts of music, writing and other forms of cultural expression and political action, they can inspire people to move towards an equitable, humane and spiritually sound way of living. in addition of having an Africanist outlook because:

    Their roots are African and they do have access to information and first hand experience about the plight of their people as African . That is why the Lado people feel of being Pan-Africanists to a certain degree, as peace and prosperity for all Africans is something they advocate, regardless of where on the planet they may find themselves.

    Really If you placed mankind on a hierarchical pyramid Africans are / will be at the bottom ( socially, economically, politically etc ), meaning more attention needs to be directed to Africa rather than the rest of the world.

    The Five Pillars for Africa :

    Only through resurrecting the African personality, meaning restoring their cultural heritage, philosophy, science and spirituality and giving it its rightful place in the world of today, can break out the current colonial slave mentality as Africans have adopted, causing them to become faithful practitioners of the ideology of poverty.

    This process can take place in the mind of the individual African, who has become aware of the inhuman activities being carried out against him / her and the self-serving policies being practiced by national and international oppressors. The process of resurrecting the African personality can only be carried out through proper education which includes research, study, reflection and the practical application of African roots and culture. In order for the Africans to understand their present and envision their future, they need to explore and restore the richness of their history and carefully look into the lessons they could learn from the past 500 years.

    Only through education, self-awareness and a movement towards creating continental unity can they succeed in bringing prosperity to the beloved motherland, Africa , Thus reviving their pride and dignity. In order for the vision to become a reality, there is a great need for, cooperation amongst Africans regardless of nationality, religion, political persuasion but they must accept their ethnic diversity, while simultaneously acting in a coordinated manner.

    TO BELIEVE : that unity among Africans will become a power base from which they can act to ensure the rights of all Africans on the continent and those of the Diaspora (The Americas, Europe , Asia etc.)

    Finally, Africans can believe that as Africans they are instrumental in perpetuating the current global system of capitalism. Their compliance , obedience and often reverence allows today’s exploitative world order, through its monopolies, to feast on the blood and bones of Mama Africa by unlawfully having control of all her natural resources ( raw materials, coltan, minerals, oil, medicinal plants, livestock, land etc) Unfortunately , too bad , nearly all present puppet Africans ( especially the present leaders or so called Presidents in Africa ) are collaborating with the destroyers of humanity, through their refusal to realize the potential as free human beings. Africa remains till todate the life support system of the global power structure since the resources and servitude are used to sustain the status quo. By continuing a slave – master relationship with the West connotated in the Union of Africa ( AU ) European Uniion ( EU ), not only does Africa undermine the work of their Ancestors who fought and sacrificed their lives for Independence but todays Africans sabotage the efforts of the rest of humanity who are working to rid themselves of ” the great injustice ” on this world .


    Pan Africanism And The King Atabua of Lado

    1945 – The Pan Africanism Association was formed .

    Agofe / King Atabua of Lado became the Chairman of the African Chiefs / Heads in the Conference which was held in Manchester in 1945 , and Kwame Nkrumah ( His first name was Francis ) became the secretary and Jomo Kenyatta ( His real name was Johnston Kamau) he became assistant secretary. But the Agofe / King will be Assassinated because He asked USSR to raise the question of Lado at the UN in 1947 for Independence . Why did the British Kill the Chairman and this King is not even recorded in the African History even yet as a founder member of the Pan Africanism ?

    Lets find more about this Man – King of Lado then

    A British Imperial Army ( King’s African Rifles ) was established in 1891 under the Kavalli Agreement of 17 September 1891. The Agreement was signed by the English Captain Frederick D. Lugard who later became the Governor- General of Nigeria and Major Selim Matera , a Citizen of Lado

    It was him Governor – .General. Lugard who developed the British Colonial Doctrine called The Dual Mandate ( Indirect Rule ), which is still in force through the Commonwealth Pyramid Divide-and-Rule System with the Queen / King on top, and under the Sovereign Head are the British Administrators, and below them the Local African Chiefs. The only difference today is that the British Administrators are replaced by the African Presidents who are operating as Governor -Generals dancing to the tune of Remote Control .

    These British Commonwealth African Kings, Presidents and Prime Ministers rule in the firm belief that they are the True Sovereign Heads of their Countries. But in actual fact they have been reduced to mere Governor – Generals / Administrators ( International Public Law ). In Reality then this explains why the many different Indiginous Peoples of Africa, consisting of four Main Social Entities – ” Races ” ( Bantus, Hamitics, Sudanics and Nilotics ) believe they are Independent . That is also the reason behind the Conflict between the Tutsis ( Hamitics ) and the Hutus ( Bantus ) in Rwanda and Burundi. However, few people realise that the Real Owners of Rwanda and Burundi are the Indigenous People, the Twa People ( Batua ) , who are close counsins of the Pygmies. Rwanda and Burundi ( formerly Urundi ) used to be one Country, along with Tanganyika, before the First World War. The Territory belonged to Germany and was known as German East Africa.

    In Colonial Legacy –

    When the First World War ended, Rwanda – Urundi ( Burundi ) was given to Belgium, and Tanganyika to the British under the Versailles Treaty of 28 June 1919. To this , today’s Conflict between the Tutsis and the Hutus is a direct result of the Division of the former German Colonies into two parts, one for Britain (Tanganyika) and one for Belgium ( Rwanda -Urundi ). . But for the Deliberate Discrimination , the Belgians chose to rule by appointing the Minority Tutsis ” Most Favored Ethnic Group “, which carried them forward as the African Intelligentsia Class or the Ruling Elite, who as the new Slave Masters were used to suppress all the other Ethnic Groups. This is the Root of the Problem, and unless that is recognised and a Political Solution is found, there will be no end to the Bloodshed and Genocide in Central Africa ( which the Western / Europeans see it best lying within for their interest ) .

    This similar situation is what actually the British / Belgium ( 1947 ) long stated over Lado Kingdom in Africa but they still have not succeded —– The Displaced Persons, the Stateless Persons and the Internal Refugee Problem, among them the so called Nubians ( the Lado Muslim Community ) who are being held mainly in Uganda and Kenya as Prisoners in Reservations, the so called Restricted Settlements ( Bombo, Soroti and Gulu in Uganda and Kibira near Nairobi in Kenya ) was started by the British since 1897 . These People are always referred to simply as ” The Nubians ” though they are Muslims of Lado origin ( Luu and Lui People ) who were removed by the British Colonial Authority because of their Mutiny the same year 1897 when they were ordered to go and fight against their own People in Lado .The leaders were executed in Uganda including their Military Commander, Bilal Amin, the Grandfather of Idi Amin ( The Sudanese Mutiny of 1897 ) .

    The British have never forgotten nor forgiven the Lado Muslims for this Breach of Discipline, which explains why these displaced People referred to as ” The Nubians in East Africa “, and are still being punished now as ” Unwanted Persons.” Apart from being held in the Special Settlements as Prisoners, the Lado Muslims ( Nubians ) are being heavily discriminated against, very much like the American Indians were treated by the European Invaders one hundred years ago .

    When Lado the leader Agofe Atabua reached the military rank of Colonel, serving in the Kings African Rifles ( KAR ) 4th Regiment which was British, with headquaters in Bombo, Uganda , He went to fight for the British in Burma in 2° World War ( WWII ) with the 4th Regiment of the Kings Africans Rifles, which later was stationed in Jinja, Uganda. The Lado leader resigned to carry out the Independence of Lado in 1947. He was replaced by a British Colonel called Alan Knight, a man with humane feelings He was a sort of friendly to Africans : an Englishman, a rare case anyway. The Lado leader was assassinated on 14th April 1948, because he asked USSR to raise the question of Lado at the UN in 1947, and the British found that was not the right thing to do.

    They said He was opening the eyes of many Africans and African countries , and above all his Role as the First Chairman known to be of the Pan Africanism Association was a deadly Snake poison to the global Western Anglo – American Political Interests in Africa . With the death of the King Atabua was actually the end of Pan Africanism with its founded Head Quarters at Arua – Arua in the Independent Kingdom State of Lado as Lado is Rightly situated in the Heart of Africa . All Members present in the meeting of 1945 agreed to that . The British had to do something quick inorder to cover up this most important History part of Africa in a most meditated way to draw the African Minds to establish a new system of a giving Independence to the African People by encouraging the Secretary of the King Atabua to take over to work on this issue of Indepedences but without Sovereignty issue at hand to the African people .

    This intricate Agreement with Nkuruma led to the initiatives of the formation of Organisation of African Unit in the African Independence Conference held in Accra in 1958 .

    In 1961, the OAU Charter was drawn up by three African blocs : one called the Casablanca Group, another called the Monrovia Group, and the third called the Brazzaville Group. So the three Groups formed the Organisation of African Unity. The only concerned Organisation in Africa yet , therefore still , till todate is OAU

    In conclusion OAU charter was concluded on 25th May 1963, in Addis Ababa, starting on 25th May, 1947 but picked up later by – because the leader John Anacleto Atobua Agami from Lado Kingdom was killed in 1948 on April . It was Francis Kwame Nkrumah later, was the one who organised the African Independence Conference in Accra in 1958 as He was the Secretary to the King John Anacleta Atabua Agami of the Pan Africanism . OAU took its roots from Pan Africanism .

    Lado advocated and will continue to do so for Pan Africanism to live with one flag for the Unity of Africa . It is high time that be put in Existence .

    The name Pan Africanism sounds good and in its History philosophy as was formed for the first time and the philosophy goes to generations and generations of Africa . Pan Africanism has been given to us Black people by our Grand forefathers to ensure and contnue to Safe Guard the Basic interests and Rights to the Existence of all Blacks on this planet and in this Universe as a whole . This is the Biggest Gift to us Blacks we can be proud of and therefore it is our due Rights to defend it with no Jokes . Many of our Forefathers have already been slaughtered by the enemies of Blacks for the purpose of Pan Africanism .

    What the Hell is all about with such strage denominations like African Union ( AU ) and again now changing to another name United States of Africa ( USA) . I hope this is not the Madness of some of the Africa puppet Leaders ( Western Anglo – American controlled ) mentors thinking for Africa and all the Blacks , once again .

    By —


    Institute of Sudanic Studies —- I S S

    Kingdom State of Lado .


    The tricks perpetrated by the global masters come in various shapes and variations, but they all take their root in the one core truth : slave masters need slaves.

    The enslaved have no need to be forced into slavery, in fact they have a desperate need to be freed from their bondage, even though at times, they do not recognize this. Generally, due to the effective reprogramming of their minds, into becoming bearers of a mentality of inferiority and self – hate.

    Slave owners on the other hand, require someone to do all the dirty work, they themselves are not willing to undertake, in order to generate wealth.

    These two facts are the basic pillars in the repression and genocide we suffer and have suffered in Africa. They are the ideological basis for the processes of slavery, colonization, neo-colonization and today`s globalization process, which is in its essence re – colonization.

    Western Europe – I include the USA under that heading – didn`t just work hard and get prosperous. The American Indians were murdered and robbed of their land. Then Africans were enslaved and forced to work for free in the so – called New world. Following this, Europe attempted to take the land of the Africans, through military force and establish new European societies, intending to use those Africans who survived the onslaught as slave labour.

    When this failed due to strong African resistance, colonization became a process of military occupation of African land, forced labour of Africans for Western Interests and mass indoctrination of Africans through :

    1) the school systems and

    2) religious propaganda. It became a policy of theft, of African raw materials and intellectual property, as well as a means to create markets for Western goods. It was here the current African dependency on the Western world was enforced upon us Africans .

    In Asia the processes of domination, brutilization and theft were practiced with a similar barbarism.The same in South America. No corner of the world was safe from Western Un -civilization

    It was the “ primitive accumulation ” of capital through slavery that built up the capital base needed for industrialization. It was the colonization process that supplied the raw materials needed by Europe to complete its industrialization process. In effect supplying the real foundation for the current Western affluence and power.

    Preceding the official initiation of the process of African colonization in the 1800´s, the Western European Industrial worker threatened outright revolt.

    In order to maintain social order the capitalist elite of Europe agreed to hand over a little more of the profits to the worker, guarantee a minimum of social and economic security and the worker agreed to relinquish the revolutionary socialist project of transforming society and instead focus on getting their piece of the pie, through representation – within the capitalist system – by the unions and their political offspring. It was a compromise that gave birth to the Western European welfare state and Western social democracy.

    It is important to understand that this was an internal class struggle, both capitalists and socialists were in agreement in the thinking, that the rest of “ uncivilized ” world should be colonized and under the guidance of an enlightened Europe, taught the ways of civilization. They merely differed on which class in society should benefit from this, the worker or the factory owner.

    The entire Marxist Economic theory is based on classical British Economic theory – the basis of exploitative Capitalism . In short the Marxists believed that the wealth amassed through the processes of production, as well as the means of production should be in the hands of the working class, instead of being monopolized by the capital owning class.

    Generating this wealth required colonization, which 19th century socialists where in favour of. The second communist International in 1907 declared in a majority resolution that “ under a Socialist regime colonization could be a force for civilization.”

    Though it is true European socialism both before and after this resolution rejected this train of thought, there is NO DENYING that the imperial thought, is/was part of the historical baggage which European Socialism is/was a carrier of and which formed/forms its practice. Especially the socialism that developed within the Western colonial powers.

    The fact of the matter is that there is NO WAY, any promise of wealth, freedom or democracy offered to us by the West has any truth to it, regardless of whether it is from the Western political right-wing or left-wing . For Western wealth, freedom and democracy is based on our African lack of the same, it was then and still is today.

    All the wonderful declaration of human rights, democratic constitutions and humanistic ideals of the West were never intended for the non – European portion of the world and especially not for Africans. They have never been applied to us, in the dealings of the West with Africa.

    The ideas make sense, Justice, Liberty, Prosperity, Equity etc. But when these declarations were written, people from Africa weren`t considered human. That is why the same people who spoke of universal human rights could own slaves without seriously pondering the contradiction and why people who advocated socialist revolution could be in favour of a process of colonization that murdered Africans by the millions, e.g. the Belgian colonization of Congo.

    As long as the myth of European enlightenment and the false history the West teaches itself, about the motivations of its actions, through the past 500 years is propagated, the West cannot change. As long as Africans accept, this version of history as world history – a world of which we are a part – we accept ourselves as inferiors. Why does African Union ( AU ) rush to European Union ( EU ) meeting Summit in Lisbon without giving a minimum thought of what they are doing ?

    Ronald Lulua

    Lado – Institute of Sudanic Studies – ISS

    Occupied Kingdom State of Lado

    Heart of Africa .


    The G-8, led by Tony – ” I CARE ” Blair finally realized that something ought to be done for the poor starving brethren in the forgotten continent of Africa and makes Africans still believe in his fairy tales through a few uncle Toms calling themselves the AU ( African Union ) are paraded on TV to legitimize the dream project and create the appearance that the ” Africa Natives ” are behind the initiatives or at least are in agreement with what their slave masters are proposing. Sadly the Africans are so mentally defeated that they don’t mind being sold to the West once again , for they seemingly believe fiercely in the doctrine of their own inferiority.

    The Western and general world opinion is mobilized behind these ideas with pictures of starving kids and naive slogans like “we have to do something “. But the something proposed, has nothing to do with helping African societies organize themselves, into self sufficient and prosperous entities.

    Take for example the famed debt relief programs, proclaimed by the brotherhood of Blair, Bush and Bono as what Africa needs to develop. Of the 13 nations studied by the Washington based Independent evaluation group, whom were all receivers of debt relief, 11 of them have ended up back in the debt trap. These aren’t serious attempts to help oppressed of the world, its just more Politricks.

    More ways of reducing Africans into sub – human societies, organized around supplying the West with all that their economies and multinational cooperation’s require, no matter the amount of pain, death and human degradation is caused to them . More ways of keeping Africans locked up in an endless labyrinth of debt payments, war, disease, starvation and arrested development remain the only aims to depopulate the Continent of Africa now .

    Ultimately, its just one more in long line of attempts to realise the perverse dream of creating a new America or Australia in Africa. The dream lives in the twisted minds that haunt the corridors of power, from the White house to White hall . The beginning stepping foot Mark Land springs up from South Africa now and will sweep over the whole of Africa .

    R W Johnson, former head of the Suzman foundation of South Africa clearly stated the imperialist agenda in his article of 22 May 2000 in the Daily telegraph “Sooner or later Africa must face re-colonization.” He recommended a UN Mandate system as the means of accomplishing this or letting private companies go in and do the job.

    The basic argument of types such as Mr RW Johnson is, crudely put, that Africans are too backward to manage their own societies and the resources which they have been blessed with. The all knowing and benevolent world community – meaning the Western world – should come in and save us primitives from our tribal, anti-private ownership, communal selves. This is racism masquerading as humanism.

    NGO`s are mobilized as today’s missionaries, sent to instruct us in the ways and wishes of our soon to be masters. Musicians like Bono and Bob Geldoff function to legitimize the process in the eyes of the general Western populations.

    The disguise of good intentions cannot hide the truth. Empire lives and breathes, and we the Africans have been deemed worthy of only a slave existence at best, by the imperial masters of the modern world.

    By –






    One thing that can turn the stomach of even the most seasoned Warrior ” African Freedom Fighter “, involved in the work of ending oppression and awakening human dignity in oneself and ones comrades, is the incredible shamelessness of those who profit and thrive off the suffering of their own people.

    The mind boggles at the blatant callousness of individuals who really and truly do not care about the pain and the suffering their tricknology causes.

    Not even a “I didn’t know” or the usual denial of hard facts. No, the shameless ones are so versed in their insanity of Greed ; they have no need to protect their psyche through such defence mechanisms. Instead they tend to be totally clear and aware of what they are doing.

    Take a look at the much talked about African Elites the so called admired Leaders of today’s Indepenedent African Countries .

    What have they truly done, for Africa, and African people ? Have they done anything, in aiding Africa to realise wholesome, balanced societies and communities ? Have they guided Africa in the constant rebirth of our roots and culture ? Have they partaken in the process of finding out what we as Africans can learn from other cultures and what we should avoid like the plague ?

    The obvious ( though not quite correct ) answer is : They have done nothing. The truth is though, they have done far more than enough in misguiding, decieving and misleading the people of Africa . If it only they had done nothing, the situation wouldn’t be as tragic as it is. No, they have not merely idly stood by.

    They have gone beyond the level of the useful fool, who due his/her misconditioning, ignorance and good old fashioned pigheadedness can be used to destroy his / her society and implant the values, norms and governance of the imperialist .

    They are now willing fools . In effect, they collaborate with open eyes with the destroyers of humanity for the sole purpose of getting a slice of the cake for themselves, and their little circle of friends and family, or those who share the same social status as themselves.

    Truly , a fitting title would be accomplices to the crimes of genocide, enslavement, terror and the rape of the collective mind of an entire people. There is no excuse only arrogant greed, lack of remorse, lack of compassion and shamelessness .

    Just see for yourselves :

    Who goes to Paris, London, Washington, etc and signs away the land underneath the feet of their own people?

    Who agrees that their people should work for nothing under inhuman conditions for multinational companies in the name of foreign investment?

    Who agrees to ethnically clear an area of unwanted tribes, so the global economy, or rather the global monstrosity can gain access to the resources that lie in Ancestral Lands?

    Who swears by , obeys and enforces ridiculous Colonial laws that still are in place in many so-called independent African countries, as Administrative law?

    Who continues to pay off loans which are nothing more than economic entrapment designed to keep us locked in the ideology and practice of poverty?

    Who continues to obey the thinking, that we must grow and export agricultural produce for western markets instead of cultivating food to feed ourselves?

    None other than the African Elite. And why? So they and their little clique can get rich and fat without doing an honest days work. So their children can go to fine European schools and speak French and English with the proper accent. Not giving a damn about the blood split to ensure their material living standard and status as elites.

    Take Azania (South Africa). As the Racist regime came to the end of its overt power, – now it just rules covertly -what happened ? Was their justice, was their liberty, was their redress, was their a redistribution of Land? Far from it, there was – to be blunt – A BIG FAT LIE!!!!!!!!!!

    More than 70% of the Land, which the Racist government had seized through the 1913 land act, has remained in the hands of the white farmers. The entire biological warfare research program targeted at the black populations was placed under lock and key, so the people should never know what was planned against them. The agents of Apartheid, the butchers who had tortured and killed with impunity for years were allowed to do a confessional song and dance and let off scot-free. In the name of reconciliation and Christian charity.

    Some of these criminals are now mercenaries in places like Iraq, where they can practice their sadism on other peoples, due to the cowardly and treacherous betrayals of the African Elite, those who dare to call themselves our leaders.

    It is simple in mind; whatever academic title or social rank they hide behind, the majority of African Elites are nothing more than an imperialist fifth column within African societies. Until Africa gets rid of the mentality that infects these twisted minds, until it is forever barred from all affairs that touch on all African collective wellbeing all talk of change remains just that, TALK these black Prefects for the Whites domination still on Africa till todate .





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