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The Pirates Trilogy

Pirates of the Caribbean 3


I finally got out to see the third installment and it now joins my list of favorite trilogies, along with:

  • Star Wars
  • Indiana Jones
  • The Lord of the Rings
  • The Matrix


  1. i agree with u tho i think LOTR wud be my first choice then star wars

    im so proud of jerry bruckheimer..tho part three left me diaappointed…they drowned it with too many subplots

  2. You finally saw it? I loved it and it’s one of my favorite trilogies as well. I wish they would make a 4th but that might be overkill.

  3. LOTR – My all time favourite 🙂

    Pirates was good .. I suspect there MIGHT be a fourth.

    And Star Wars, that’s a must have for my collection.

  4. In your list of fav trilogies? Wow, I hope it is at the bottom of that list. I think I would put Rocky above Pirates. It could even go twice since there are what… six now?

  5. Pirates of the Caribbean no 2 and 3 left a bad taste in my mouth. I think they were poorly done leaving me wanting to sue them for my time and money back. However, it would be illegal not to add Copolla’s “The Godfather” to that list.

  6. I think the third instalment of The Matrix skirted many of the issues raised by the second: for example, if the machines could generate a matrix in the the first place, what prevented them from creating an infinite number of levels to guard against the possibility of humans ever discovering the truth? Couldn’t the whole idea of Zion be just another level of the Matrix?

  7. @ Paul – there’s no accounting for taste, and I obviously have none when it comes to my popcorn-night adventures. 🙂

    These are fun to me – the same as reading fantasy books – you need that ability to suspend belief though to make it work.

    @ Liz – sorry, didn’t ever really like “The Godfather”, not sure why.

    @ Patrick – you’re probably right, but that’s way to deep for me at this late hour… heh.

  8. Someone has to split hairs – Star Wars is 2 trilogies (6 movies), right? So, you have to pick the old set or the new one.

  9. Ntwiga – always the original trilogy! JarJar can die in a fire…

  10. I like the first Pirates, more than the second. But felt that # 3 was by far the most captivating of the installments. And based upon the secret ending after the final credits am anxiously awaiting #4!

  11. Woah woah woah…

    Wheres the love for back to the future? 😉

  12. Back to the Future was good too, I agree. However, it doesn’t make my favorite’s list. Don’t worry, it’s probably just bad movie taste on my part again… 🙂

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