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AfriGadget: African Solutions to Technological Problems

I’ve been having altogether way to much fun. This weekend I decided to finally get off my rear and create AfriGadget – a website dedicated to showcasing African technological ingenuity. It was something KikuyuMoja and I had been talking about since November 2005, but had never done anything about.

AfriGadget - Solving everyday problems with African Ingenuity

It’s a “team blog”, meaning we need people to join our team so it’s not just us three… 🙂 It’s a fun, on-the-side, type of blog for us and we’d like to have some others who want to do the same. We’re looking for people who can upload pictures (it’s very visual) and show some great/fun/ingenious problem solving for Africans and usually by Africans.

Oh yeah, all authors will get a link back to their blog. That’s some serious linkage for when this thing blows up! (well, one can dream right?)

Kiwi Theme, by the Canvas CreatorsAnyway, AfriGadget was also my chance to try out a GREAT new blogging tool for WordPress that goes by the name Canvas. Those guys have built a tool that allows you to manipulate almost all the elements of your blog without having any PHP knowledge. I used their Kiwi theme and had a great old time. So, a special thanks to the Canvas team for giving me the excuse to do something fun.


  1. Afrigadget is a great site. I’ll have to find my picture of the Sudanese truck jack … a crowd of seven to ten people holding up the side of a small truck while the driver swapped out the flat tire for the spare. I should have been helping hold up the truck, since I was one of the passengers, but I just had to get a picture of it.

  2. Thanks for a great blog on gadgets in Africa. I added it to my list to follow.

  3. Hi Hash! Great idea (AfriGadget) and I’d be honored to contribute. Just need technical advice on how to transfer the post over from my site to it. Any ideas?

  4. I laughed at your blog comment! Would I be able to transfer my site straight over to Word Press?

  5. AfriGadget made my day just now! Congratulations, Erik. i’m adding the link to my blog. And…prepare for a flurry of images when next i visit Ghana (this July) 🙂

  6. Big Mama and Lawrence, I’m looking forward to both of your contributions. If you register, I can set you up as an “author” and you can create your own posts.

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