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ETech: G/Localization, What the…?

Geekette asked me to take a look at this session, and I’m glad I did. Danah Boyd is a very intelligent woman and gave one of the best presentations so far at ETech 2006. Now, G/localization is an abhorrant word and I apologize for having to introduce it to you. Danah summarized the term best saying, “The ugliness that ensues when you shove the global and local together”.

Danah Boyd on GlocalizationThe presentation was on how you create social communities online. One point, that I thought particularly interesting, was that though we can contact and speak with anyone in the world, that we end up getting online and wanting to engage with people we know or people that are like us.

Anyway, here are all my notes as a Word document (be warned, I was typing very fast so errors abound).

Also, I was sitting next to a very nice guy called djlotu5 who took an audio feed of the whole session and allowed me to link to it.

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  1. Hi Hash,

    Many thanks for the concise report! I particularly liked the keywords/point format. The “Passion”, “Familiar Strangers”, and “People don’t want to meet everyone” themes mentioned were right on. I’ll be heading over to hear the audio feed (thanks djlotu5!) too in order to get the full discussion context. I’m glad you could attend this one rather than the Laszlo one (I checked out their site extensively and contrary to expectations, most of their stuff is flash-mired anyway).

    Thanks again!


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