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Zookoda: Email for Bloggers

Zookoda: Email for BloggersAfter reviewing and Beta testing many different types of web applications, one can become jaded. I have to say that Zookoda has knocked me out of that phase completely. They have created an email application for bloggers that is truly amazing and should definitely be tried by all bloggers.

Sometimes those of us on the front-end of web technology forget that most people don’t know what RSS is and how to use it. It makes sense to offer your blog in an email format. How about a way to send the newest post after it is written? Or maybe you’d like more control and will only send a monthly email that covers a summary of all your posts for that month? Easily done with Zookoda.

A rundown of capabilities:

  • Manage email newsletter subscribers
  • Enhance your blog with custom newsletter subscription forms
  • Design eye-catching newletters to match your blog design
  • Schedule recurring broadcasts for each day, week or month
  • View real-time open, bounce, click and unsubscribe reports
  • Access mobile users by emailing blog content in text format

If you operate on the Blogger platform, you’ll be happy to find out that all of the normal templates are already there for you to send your email out in. If you have a custom design, with a little extra work you can duplicate that look through Zookoda’s template editor.

In summary, there are a couple of “email your blog post” applications on the market (Feedburner & Squeet come to mind). Zookoda blows them away in terms of functionality and features.


  1. Would you forward me a copy of one of the emails? I’m using Feedburner and like it just fine.

  2. Sure Rob, there is a way to send a test email out, so I’ll send one to you that way.

    I really can’t tell everyone how much I like this service. It’s allowing a true “push” message finally, not just an RSS “pull” one. Very important for people who don’t know how to use RSS and just want to be updated by email.

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